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Woodward students: City's diapers need change

Leader in Me club collecting coins to provide diapers for city's parents in need


After learning there was no program to provide diapers for Delaware residents in need, the Leader in Me club at Woodward Elementary School decided to take matters into their own hands.

Woodward is one of the Leader in Me schools in the Delaware City School District, which aims to provide leadership opportunities for students and teach them principles of leadership.

One avenue for that is through the Leader in Me club, which meets after school once a month. Club members take part in activities and work on service projects.

Jane Grummel, guidance counselor and club coordinator, said school leaders want to instill in their students that they can make a difference in their community.

Grummel had Robin Moore from the Woodward Family Resource Center speak to students about needs within the community.

Moore works closely with parents of English Language Learning students as well as families who use the center for a variety of the services it offers.

"It came to my attention that there is no one in the community that has diapers stocked on an ongoing basis," she said. "People have called me and asked where they can pick them up and there is no place I can guarantee will have them."

When Moore shared this with the students in the Leader in Me club, they immediately wanted to help, she said. They decided they would start a Dimes for Diapers effort and ask students to deposit their loose change into empty baby-wipe containers.

At the end of November, the students will purchase diapers and give them to the Woodward Resource Center for distribution to those in need.

Moore said she was thrilled to see students are learning these habits at such a young age.

"The leadership habits they are learning are great to get grilled in now," she said. "I was so happy they heard about the need and wanted to run with it."

Grummel said the school has been taking part in service projects for years and has endeavored to involve all students.

"This is a great opportunity for students to provide a serve to their local community," she said. "They are very capable of doing things like this and I know they enjoy it, too."

Moore said there are other community needs that have yet to be addressed. One area of need is gas cards for people who need to get around the community but can't afford to pay for a tank of gas.

"There was a homeless family in here trying to get to their family that lived far away and needed a gas card, but there isn't an organization in the community that is providing those unless it's an emergency," Moore said.

Moore also said services that provide Christmas gifts to children typically cut off at age 12. There are no programs to provide gifts for older children.

Moore said she is open to opportunities or partnerships within the community to help provide services that are not currently being offered.

To donate to Dimes for Diapers, call Grummel at 740-833-1600. For more information about community needs, call Moore at 740-833-1619.