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Delaware man charged with impersonating police officer


A Delaware man charged with robbery, kidnapping and impersonating a police officer could face even more charges once a Franklin County grand jury considers his case, says detective Phillip Thomas of the Columbus police robbery squad.

Columbus and Delaware police officers arrested Guy H. Merrill, 39, of 190 Harvard Loop, on Wednesday, Nov. 21, in connection with a Jan. 8, 2010, incident involving a woman on Solitude Drive on the Far North Side of Columbus.

Thomas said Merrill would troll adult websites for women who gave massages or private dances, meeting them at their homes or motel rooms.

Early in the encounter, Merrill would flash a police badge and tell the woman she was under arrest. He had handcuffs or sometimes would just pull the woman's hands behind her back, Thomas said. He then would rob her of cash, credit cards and electronic items, such as laptop computers and cellphones, before leaving, Thomas said.

He said police believe Merrill victimized at least 10 women on the North Side and in Westerville and Delaware County in 2009 and 2010. They've been putting together the cases since then, he said.

Police have asked any other women who might have been victims to call the Columbus police robbery squad at 614-645-4665.

Westerville police started the investigation when they were called by Merrill's wife, who has since divorced him. According to a Franklin County Municipal Court search warrant, she had found items from women.

Merrill admitted taking a woman's credit card, saying it was from a prostitute. He told his wife that he robbed his victims, but "did not have sex with any of them," court records show