The Earth Savers Club at Willis Intermediate School is enthusiastic about cleaning up the environment.

The Earth Savers Club at Willis Intermediate School is enthusiastic about cleaning up the environment.

When they were fourth-graders, Isaac Stewart and Isabella Bosco started a club that sought to protect the environment.

The students continued the club when they got to Willis; now it's a club for sixth-graders.

Adviser Alison McClesky, sixth-grade guidance counselor, said the club has about 21 students and works hard to keep the school's playgrounds clean.

"All these students are gung-ho about the environment and want to help in any way they can," McClesky said. "They are constantly thinking of new ideas."

She said one of her challenges is to help the group focus on only two or three projects to work on at a time, because the students continually are brainstorming and talking to their fellow students about what else they can do.

Right now, they pick up trash on the school playgrounds during recess and after school, and also collect drink pouches that they can sell to recyclers for 2 cents per pouch.

"The kids haven't decided what they will use the money for yet, but they have lots of ideas," she said.

They also are planning a schoolwide event for Earth Day, during which students can sign up to pick up trash or complete other environmental projects near the school grounds.

Since Earth Day happens during the week of Ohio Achievement Testing, the projects will be scheduled for the week before.

The club meets at least once a month to discuss new ideas and keep a buzz going with other students about cleaning up the environment.

Since the members of the club are all sixth-graders and will leave for Dempsey Middle School next year, they have begun to meet with interested fifth-graders who can carry the baton.

"We have about 17 interested fifth-graders who are showing an interest in keeping the environment clean and we will work with them so they are ready when the sixth-graders leave," McClesky said.

Carlisle Elementary School also has an environment club called the Go Green Club in which members encourage their fellow classmates to recycle more often.