Traditions Night has become a tradition itself in one Delaware school, district leaders say.

Traditions Night has become a tradition itself in one Delaware school, district leaders say.

The Woodward Resource Center and Woodward Elementary School will host Traditions Night at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 21.

Traditions Night aims to highlight the cultures of people living in Delaware or of other cultures in general.

Woodward Principal Matt Keller said his school is the most-diverse school in Delaware, and he believes the event is a great way to showcase some of the district's students and families who come from other cultures.

"The activities and education during Traditions Night about our world today are not just for children, but for adults," Keller said. "We want to see things in a different way, but also learn something new about our world."

The Woodward PTO helps to organize the event, providing materials and encouraging the involvement of parents from different cultures.

"We have increased the number of families that are participating in the night since the last few years to educate the community about their culture and their own family," Keller said.

There will be tables with displays, food and activities for people to try. Parents have been encouraged to bring whatever they want to share with the community.

"Last year, we had different artwork, people showing clothing, people demonstrating different dances, teaching parts of languages and more," Keller said.

There also were craft tables where families and students could learn about certain countries or areas of the world.

When a new student comes to Woodward from a different country, Keller said, the school tries not to single the student out, but to take advantage of teaching moments.

"Some students come to school who don't speak any English yet. Some don't participate in celebrations because of their culture," he said. "Most of the conversations we have about this are unplanned and we take advantage of these moments in a positive way."

Keller said the school celebrates Black History Month and other holidays that recognize diversity, but the aim isn't to single anyone out.

"Our superintendent always says that our school population is a snapshot of the world," he said. "We have good diversity at Woodward and we are looking forward to celebrating that with our Delaware family."