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Invention Convention shows off students' creative sides


An automatic music-page turner, shoes that help clean the floor and a shirt that holds a heat pack are just some of Delaware students' inventions that impressed judges last weekend.

The annual Invention Convention competition for all Delaware City School District students was held April 6 at the Delaware branch of Columbus State Community College.

There were 30 inventions submitted by students in grades K-6, and six of those were chosen to move on to the regional Invention Convention, set May 18 at the main campus of Columbus State.

Students are required not only to invent something, but to base the invention on an original idea that solves a problem.

They must complete a journal that documents the invention process, showing what they have invented, how it works and how it solves a problem.

The students also have to present a model of their invention, although it doesn't have to be fully functional.

After the local competition, two Columbus State professors gave a presentation on entrepreneurship for all the students.

Jennifer Day, the district's Invention Convention coordinator, said the presentation focused on what to do after inventing something.

The professors explained how to get ideas into the public eye, Day said.

She said she is always amazed by the creativity of the students at these competitions.

"The younger they are, the more creative they are," Day said. "I feel like as an adult I'm not that creative, and I don't know if it's because as adults, we're so busy, we don't have time to be creative."

One of the inventions moving on to regionals is the Handy Hand Page Turner, created by Becca Young and Addie Salvador. It's a battery-powered page turner for musicians.

Another invention called Healthy Clean, created by Amanda Varian, was pitched as a fun way to complete the arduous task of scrubbing the floor.

Shoes with cleaning instruments are worn as the person listens to music and follows dance steps while simultaneously mopping.

Jamie Hake's invention, the Gel Shirt, enables people to attach a heating pad or a cold pack to their shirts, so it will stay in contact with the injured body part.

Day said some students may not be into sports or even Destination Imagination, but they can get into Invention Convention.

"This is something for creative kids," she said. "They're not sports people, you know, but this is their thing."

Other students who participated, listed with their inventions, are: Katarina Velalis and Mackenzie Levings, Travel Organizer; Kaylah Curry, Komfty; Alena Clark and Alana Kay, Magnetic Magic; Ana Williams, No Splash Clipboard; Megan Reid and Amaya Rojas, Lunch Buddies; Carmen Pape, Shower Garden; Hayden Crawford and Charlie Bruskotter, Pet Namer 5000; Katie Hegmanowski, Scene Changer Blanket; Erica Armstrong, the Exer Pooper; Austin Clayton and Leeyah Clayton, Fertilized Biodegradable Plant Tags; Madeline Coleson, Bracelight; Sarah Estok and Fiona Speilman, Comfy Glasses; Cooper Titus and Sam Bruskotter, Book Pager Saver; Rowan Hering and Julia Young, Super Duster Dogzilla; Grayson Miller, Clipics; Ethan Mociolek, Small Holder; Macie Stevens, Book Iron; and Bailey Lawson and Veronica Stevens, Blinking Binky.