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Woodward first-graders convince PTO with plea for more science

Woodward's science-loving students spur COSI's April 30 visit


A formal letter written by Woodward Elementary School first-graders and presented to their principal paved the way for COSI's school visit.

COSI will bring its hands-on weather exhibit to Woodward for an all-grades assembly April 30.

Woodward Principal Matt Keller said it was a first-grade class that convinced him to present this idea to the Woodward PTO. "During an in-class shared writing assignment, one of our first-grade classes presented me with letter requesting more science experiments in the school," he said. "They said they love science and wanted more of it."

Keller presented the letter to PTO members, who were able to sponsor COSI's visit. COSI offered a number of themes to choose from, and PTO members opted for weather, as they thought it would be applicable to all grade levels.

Students will participate in an all-school assembly with the COSI employees, who will present a live science experiment and get students excited about the day's activities, Keller said.

Each grade then will take turns participating in hands-on science experiments with COSI employees, along with some high school students from Hayes.

The science experiments will meet some science-content standards needed at all grade levels, such as tracking, graphing and documenting observations. Students in grades K-2 study weather as part of state curricula.

Keller said students will get to work with instruments that scientists use to predict the weather.

"I believe these experiments will inspire science-thinking -- and really, everyone needs to know about how the weather works," he said.

Keller also said COSI is coming at a great time for students who will be yearning for a much-needed break after taking the Ohio Achievement Assessments.

"Our third-graders will have more testing after this day, but many of our other grades will be done with testing and ready for something fun," he said.

COSI also will bring the experiments to the classrooms for any kindergarten students who don't have class April 30.

Although the teachers aren't conducting any of the experiments, they will be able to use what the students learned and build on those lessons in the classroom, Keller said.

Woodward has been visited by COSI in the past, but not for several years. Keller said this is his first COSI Day at Woodward since he has been principal.

"Although I haven't seen it, I've been told from other principals how inspirational this is for the kids," he said. "I believe this is going to be a great day for our students."