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Curriculum director, assistant positions merged

Brad Faust will serve as both assistant superintendent, curriculum director after Amy Piacentino's resignation


Delaware schools will hand off the duties of its executive director of curriculum and programming to the assistant superintendent after Amy Piacentino's resignation.

Piacentino stepped down June 27 after she was offered a position with the Ohio Department of Education, working with the Race to the Top team.

Piacentino began her career with the district in 2003 as a principal at Smith Elementary School and became curriculum director in 2005.

Superintendent Paul Craft said she'll leave big shoes to fill.

"She was responsible for making huge changes in the district's literacy efforts for students at the preschool to fourth-grade level," Craft said. "She is recognized around the state for her efforts as well."

The district has decided to merge the currently vacant position of assistant superintendent with the program and curriculum director position. The district has asked Hayes High School Principal Brad Faust to assume the role of assistant superintendent beginning Aug. 1.

Faust will have a lot more responsibilities in his new role, not only as assistant to Craft, but as head of curriculum, programming, special education, enrichment services and instructional technology.

Craft said the new position isn't an additional job, but rather an expansion of the responsibilities of the curriculum director.

Faust held the role of curriculum director in the Washington Local School District in the Toledo area and served as principal at Whitmer High School. He worked more on the secondary level than he did with the K-5 level, he said.

"I believe we've made some great improvements in this district with our curriculum and with the changes in Common Core and student-learning objectives," Faust said, "and these are the areas on which I will primarily be focused."

Faust said he is gathering information on what has been done and is deciding on a game plan. He added he is wrapping things up at Hayes and trying to prepare for the next principal.

Currently, Hayes is in the middle of making new hires as well as completing construction and renovation projects. Faust said he will be available and able to help the new principal as much as he or she needs or wants him to.

"A lot of people in the district are involved in the renovation projects at Hayes, so it won't be a surprise to anyone," he said. "They will be able to carry on the projects."

Faust said he is looking forward to working with Craft as well as bringing his expertise to his new role.

"We work very well together in this district," Faust said. "We've spent a lot of time talking and looking at things together in terms of my new position and we are ready to move forward."

The district has begun a search to fill Faust's position at Hayes High School and will include stakeholders in the interview process, according to district leaders.