Pathway Church of God on Pennsylvania Avenue will soon be getting new tenants.

Pathway Church of God on Pennsylvania Avenue will soon be getting new tenants.

Mays Consulting and Evaluation's rezoning request for the one-acre site placed on the market March 21 was approved unanimously at the June 24 Delaware City Council meeting.

Following the final church service in the building July 28, the company can begin its moving process.

"We're excited to move to the city," said Jim Mays, operations manager for Mays Consulting. "We've been wanting for a long time to find an optimal site for our business."

The firm currently situated off U.S. Route 42 specializes in roofing, waterproofing and masonry restoration. It will bring with it to the city 13 workers and a payroll of more than $1 million.

According to the development plan, no exterior changes are going to be made to the brick building constructed in 1959.

The only noticeable change will be the moniker on the sign out front and a sidewalk the company plans to add next to the building on Kirkland Street.

Inside the 10,190-square-foot building are two sanctuaries, a full-service kitchen, classroom space and offices that will be transformed to accommodate the business.

Plans also call for street trees to be added within one year of occupancy.

"If all our zoning applications were like Jim Mays and Consulting, we'd have a really easy job of it," said City Planning Director Dave Efland, who called the business a "model applicant."

In April, Mays hosted its final public meeting with the Northwest Neighborhood Association to notify the community of its relocation plans and receive input.

The company wasn't required to host the multiple meetings, but Mays said building a relationship with the neighborhood it is joining is important for the family run business.

"I appreciate the efforts you made to reach out to the community," said Councilman Andrew Brush. The property falls within the fourth ward, which Brush represents.

"To go out and get the buy-in from residents -- that says a lot about you," Brush said.

About a year ago, the congregation partnered with its sister church Meadow Park Church of God on Bethel Road in Northwest Columbus to begin discussing plans to build a new campus in Southern Delaware County.

The second Meadow Park campus that can serve Pathway's members is expected to launch in 2014.