After 21 years as an integral part of the Delaware City School District, Larry Davis is looking forward to some downtime.

After 21 years as an integral part of the Delaware City School District, Larry Davis is looking forward to some downtime.

Davis was hired as the district's director of facilities and transportation in 1992, after the district worked with him on a number of construction projects through his company.

Although he officially retired July 31, he will continue to work with the schools on an as-needed basis as an owner's representative.

Davis' replacement, Jason Sherman, began working Aug. 1. Davis said Sherman is more than capable of filling his shoes.

"The district is very lucky to have him, as he comes from the Upper Arlington school district and has the skills needed for this job," he said.

There are a number of projects that Davis still has his hands in since the May bond issue passed.

Davis said he thinks he'll work about 10 days a month as plans for the facility upgrades and improvements take shape.

"Davis is such a great guy and he is so very important to the district," said Superintendent Paul Craft, adding the district needs Davis' input on some of the building projects.

Jennifer Ruhe, the district's director of communications, said Davis is a "wonderful" man who deserves recognition for his efforts in the district.

"He has been with the district for more than 20 years," she said. "He oversaw major renovations to nearly every school and the construction on Schultz and Dempsey.

"He has seen the rooftops of every building as well as the boiler systems. He knows more about the asphalt, plumbing, etc., than anyone in the district."

Davis said some of his career highlights include construction of Schultz Elementary School in 1994 and expanding Hayes High School into the structure it is today.

He said his biggest challenge was adjusting from working in the private sector for 27 years to working in the public sector.

"You have to be much more open when working in the public sector, as you are providing goods and services to community," he said.

"It's actually the best thing that has happened in my career. I didn't mind working under the public scrutiny and seeing how well other people feel I am doing my job. I've never had a problem."

Davis said he enjoyed working with other people who helped to support the district in its endeavors.

"It has been a pleasure to work with such skilled people and be a part of a community that supports and helps even under difficult times," he said.

Davis said he is looking forward to spending time with his family and traveling during his retirement.

"This has been the best job I have ever had and it's been a pleasure to serve the public," he said. "It was a pleasure to able to do a job that I know in the long run will mean so much to the community of Delaware."

He said despite his retirement, his face will remain a familiar sight around the district.

"You will probably still see me at board meetings and around for a while," Davis said.