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Delaware scores some A's, some B's, an F


The Delaware City School District scored some A's and B's on the 2012-13 report card, but an F also reared its ugly head in one category.

The Ohio Department of Education released the state report cards Thursday, Aug. 22, with a new grading system in place that awards letter grades rather than the previous “Excellent” or “Continuous Improvement.”

Districts will not receive an overall letter grade until 2015, but grades were noted in five different areas. Delaware schools received the highest rating of “Excellent with Distinction” on last year’s state report card – a vast improvement from the second-lowest “Academic Watch” rating of a little more than a decade ago.

The district met 23 of 24 state standards, earning an A grade in that category.

On Performance Index, which measures the achievement of every student enrolled for the entire school year, the district earn a B.

The district was given an A in the Value Added category, which measures how much progress students make over the course of a school year.

However, Delaware received an F grade in the subcategory of Value Added for gifted students.