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Riggle: Let's keep council running smoothly


Carolyn Kay Riggle would like to see the positive dynamics of Delaware City Council continue through imminent changes that will result from the Nov. 5 election -- which is why she's asking voters to re-elect her to a third at-large term.

Riggle is the only incumbent in a seven-person race for three at-large seats on council. She'll face candidates George Hellinger, Robert Hoffman, Teri Owens, Terrie Price, Jeff Rike and Kent Shafer on the ballot. Mayor Gary Milner and Vice Mayor Windell Wheeler, both longtime council members, opted not to run for re-election.

"I just think that we have a good working council and it hasn't always been that way," Riggle said. "Past councils have struggled through that, but right now we work well together and I think that's very important, so we just need to find the right two to replace Gary and Windell so we can work together to get things done.

"I'm not saying we all need to be 'yes' people," she added. "We all need to have our own opinions, but we should be able to understand and listen to others and make educated decisions whether we think others are right or wrong. It's all about having a strong working group."

Riggle said something she'd like to continue working on collaboratively with other council members is an economic development plan. Completing the Sawmill Parkway extension in a fiscally responsible way is another project Riggle said voters could expect her to focus on in another term.

"People can trust me to do what I say I'm going to do and to do what I should with their tax dollars," she said. "I've been on council for 10 years and I think I've done a good job and I want to continue to do that."

Riggle was appointed to council in 2003 and since has been re-elected twice.

In addition to her work as an escrow agent and marketing specialist, Riggle is a member of the Delaware County Fair Board and the founder of DMAG, a group that offers support to Delaware veterans and family members of deployed military members.

Riggle previously owned a video store in Delaware and worked with Celebrate Delaware, a group that planned and promoted city events prior to the formation of Main Street Delaware.

With Celebrate Delaware, Riggle was active in the balloon festival and car show. When the Veterans Day parade almost was canceled for budget reasons, she said she worked with Celebrate Delaware to ensure the tradition continued.

In 2007, Riggle, who has been on seven World War II Honor Flights, raised $22,000 to organize community send-off and welcome-home parties along Pennsylvania Avenue for a local Army Reserves unit that was deployed.

"I care about Delaware and I care what happens to the people here," she said. "I've lived in Delaware for a long time and I've given 22 years of community service, so I've got a proven track record that I care about this town."

As a council member, Riggle is a liaison to the board of zoning appeals and on the veterans plaza and sister-city committees.

Riggle, 46, has lived in Delaware for 26 years. She has two daughters and five grandchildren.

Voters can learn more about Riggle's campaign by searching for the "Re-elect Carolyn Kay Riggle" page on Facebook.