The idea of a library being a quiet, no-nonsense room with a stack of dusty old encyclopedias is long out of date at Hayes High School.

The idea of a library being a quiet, no-nonsense room with a stack of dusty old encyclopedias is long out of date at Hayes High School.

In addition to having books available for checkout, the school's library offers a variety of services and room for student-run groups that meet there.

For example, an anime club, run by student Jared Stevens, and a board-game club, led by teacher Kevin West, meet in the library on alternating Mondays.

Sarah Ressler, Library Research Center facilitator, said there's a lot going on at the library, and students and teachers are responding well to the activities.

"I'm extremely happy with how our Hayes LRC is coming to represent the heart of Hayes High School," she said.

"We still have many new programs and ideas to try, but so far students and staff seem to be happy with our changes and our celebration of books, technology and learning," she said.

The library is heavily used by students and teachers alike. A quarterly report, distributed in November, showed 2,195 books circulated among students and 966 books circulated among staff.

During the period of Aug. 15 through Oct. 18, 260 classes used the library, and 8,037 students used the library on their own time either before or after school, during study hall or their lunch periods, the report showed.

Also during that time, 4,746 students used the computer lab and discussion space in the library.

Ressler said she is working to launch a book club for students and an audiobook club for teachers after Christmas.

The library has a traveling book cart that visits English teachers' classrooms, and the English teachers can check out books to students right in their own rooms.

Ressler recently attended the National Council of Teachers of English and the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE, and said she'll soon bring gifts for the library.

"I have over 70 new books I received that I am excited to share with the students," she said. "Most of them were given to me for free by publishers at my conferences."

She also is working to spruce up the library by hanging pictures of authors posing with a cutout of President Rutherford B. Hayes, after whom the school is named.

The library is on Twitter, @rutherfordreads, posting information about new books and programs going on at the library.

In honor of the supporting People in Need during the holidays, the library will participate in Fine Forgiveness Day on Friday, Dec. 13.

"Students who bring in three or more items for PIN will have their Hayes Library Research Center fines of up to $20 removed," Ressler said. "We do have some restrictions, but we hope to see lots of donations that day."