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'Pothole patrol' now on duty in Sunbury

Rough winter means holes are appearing in unusual spots


The snow is melting, the temperature is rising and Sunbury Village Council is analyzing winter damage and preparing for spring.

Though the village has done its best to maintain well-paved roads, the snow and ice accumulation this winter has hindered progress, officials said. Village Administrator Dave Martin said he has received numerous calls about potholes on several streets in the village.

"We're on pothole patrol every week trying to get them filled in," he said.

Village crews have tried filling the potholes, the worst of which are located on Columbus and Cherry streets, but low temperatures affect the proper asphalt mixture, Martin said.

At their meeting last week, Village Council members talked with Village Engineer Wes Hall about damage to roads and what can be done to repair them.

"The potholes are appearing in places that, if the weather had not been so crazy, wouldn't have," Mayor Tommy Hatfield said. "I was shocked that along Columbus Street in front of the school that there were bad spots."

In the summer, the village plans to repair some streets around the Town Square. Hall told council that work could be added to the projects to fix this winter's damage.

Council continued to prepare for the next season by approving an estimated $21,000 purchase order for a new storm siren.

The new siren should be delivered the last week of March and installed as soon as it arrives, Martin said.

Village administrators also are finalizing necessary steps to ensure the siren's connection to both the city of Delaware and the county's radio systems.

The new siren is loud enough to be heard within a 1.2-mile radius, officials said.

Council also approved a purchase order for a new pickup truck for the Sunbury Village Cemetery. The truck cost $19,134.

Village Council meets next at 7:30 p.m. March 5 at Town Hall, 9 E. Granville St.