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Sunbury council receives petition to annex 183 acres


Sunbury Village Council has approved a mandatory resolution outlining municipal services available to a potential annexed property. It was the second such resolution this spring.

March 20, village officials received a petition requesting the village annex 183 acres of property.

As required by the Ohio Revised Code, council passed the resolution at its April 2 meeting stating potential village services that can be provided to the land requested for annexation.

Property-owners Brenda Price and her son, Kenneth Price, combined own the 183 acres of land currently within Berkshire Township.

The parcels are located south of Big Walnut Middle School, west of Sunbury Meadows and east of Golf Course Road.

This is the second annexation request the village received in March.

Although the owners did not state the intention for the property, previously discussed plans indicate an outlet mall, a sports complex, offices and hotels at the site.

The 128-acre request is connected to the new Simon-Tanger outlet mall construction off Interstate 71. Although the owners did not state the intention for the property, previously discussed plans indicate heavy commercial development.

March 19, council passed the same obligatory services resolution outlining that sewer, police, zoning, street and roadway services would be available if the village annexed the 128 acres of land.

The same services would be available to the potential 183-acre property as well.

The 183-acre request will be sent to the Delaware County Board of County Commissioners for an administrative review.

If the request complies with statutory criteria, then the commissioners must approve it and council will have full discretion about annexing the property.

However, the Berkshire Township Board of Trustees might object to the petition request.

March 25, the Berkshire trustees filed with the county commissioners an objection to the 128-acre annexation request.

According to the objection, the petition did not clearly outline road maintenance responsibilities for Domigan Road.

The county commissioners are expected to review the petition and objection April 14.

Michael Shade, the petitioners' agent for both petitions, said the 183-acre request is unique because the property owners own the roadway for Golf Course Road, which could eliminate an objection if the Berkshire trustees filed a similar protest to the one for the 128-acre annexation objection.

The 183-acre request is unrelated to the outlet mall construction. The land will ideally become residential properties, according to Shade.

"All plans, all indications are primarily and substantially residential," Shade said.

"Those details have to be worked through as the plans come forward and are reviewed by zoning commission and those will be dealt with at a later date, should (Village Council) choose to annex."

The 183-acres of land would be part of both Berkshire Township and the village of Sunbury. Both governments share responsibilities for the land, especially if the property becomes residential.

"This land is not really being removed from the township," Shade said.

"These individuals that choose to move to that area will vote both for village council and township trustees," he said.

"The revenue that are generated from property taxes will be divided between the village and township."

The Delaware County commissioners are scheduled to review the 183-acre petition request at 9:30 a.m. April 21 in the Commissioners Hearing Room, 101 N. Sandusky St.


Other matters

In other matters, Sunbury Village Council also:

* Approved a motion to buy 250 tons of salt for next winter. The village used all 223 tons of salt this winter, and agreed to buy more in anticipation of next winter's severity.

* Discussed reimbursing employees for gym memberships if employees attend the gym about twice a week.

After saving money on health insurance costs, council wants to encourage employees to concentrate on their health and fitness by helping them pay for gym memberships.

The next Village Council meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. April 16 in council chambers, 9 E. Granville St.