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Sunbury puts up cash to improve employees' health

Village workers' costs to join local gym will be reimbursed


Through the village's savings in health-insurance costs, Sunbury Village Council is giving back to its employees and promoting fitness by reimbursing gym memberships.

Village employees can opt into a benefits program and receive a discounted membership to Kore 7 Fitness at 161 state Route 3 in the Sunbury Kroger Plaza.

Mayor Tommy Hatfield said he wanted to find a way to encourage employees to take care of themselves.

"This year, because of the way it got classified, we saved enough on our health insurance," Hatfield said. "That opened up the revenue on this aspect of it, to give back to the employees for those who are participating in health care to give them the benefit."

Kore 7 Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes, lifting machines and cardio equipment.

The company offers a group rate of $18 per month for village employees, and spouses can be added for $15 a month. The employee is responsible for the one-year club fee of $29.

If every employee opts into the program, it would cost the village about $5,500.

Village leaders think the investment is worthwhile.

"A healthy employee, someone who is working out and feels good, is going to perform better at work," Hatfield said. "This was a win-win for us."

What's the catch? Employees must go to the gym fairly regularly for reimbursement.

As part of the program, employees must visit the gym eight times a month and log their attendance at the fitness center. The log will ensure both employee participation and attendance, as well as record their earned reimbursement.

Currently, the deal is offered only at Kore 7 Fitness.

Council explored the possibility of maintaining its own facility and equipment for employees, but costs for commercial equipment alone nixed the idea.

Employees who want to opt in to the program must fill out a participation agreement by April 30.

Sunbury Village Council meets next at 7:30 p.m. April 30 at Town Hall, 9 E. Granville St.