Sunbury Village Council is doing some spring cleaning.

Sunbury Village Council is doing some spring cleaning.

After a messy winter, council approved hiring Contract Sweepers and Equipment to sweep and help clean up grit that has remained from salted roads.

The village will pay up to $3,100 for the sweeping -- but it's worth the price, leaders said.

"It is particularly important this year because the salt was mixed with grit, and a lot of grit is laying all around," council President Len Weatherby said. "This would help alleviate that, which keeps it out of the storm drops."

The company will sweep Tuesday through Thursday, May 13-15.

Village administrators also are working to repair a sinkhole at Cherry and Evening streets.

Ohio Department of Transportation engineers and village contractors said the hole is several feet deep, but there is no serious damage to storm or sanitary-sewer pipes.

Repairs could cost up to $20,000.

Council urged administrators to work quickly to continue investigating the cause of the sinkhole and prevent further damage to the road.

Council also discussed cleaning up the village's zoning codes.

For months, council members have expressed annoyance about the appearance of some businesses and homes in Sunbury. Council members said they want to establish or enforce the necessary zoning codes to prevent further issues.

Their grievances vary from businesses that do not have proper signs or use temporary signs beyond their interim purposes, to dilapidated, abandoned or foreclosed properties.

Current codes address only some of the issues, and there has been little enforcement, village leaders said. In addition, with issues regarding abandoned properties, there are no zoning codes requiring maintenance.

Though no specific code additions or modifications were discussed, Councilman Scott Weatherby said it's time for council to make some changes.

"As one whole body, let's be proactive about this so we don't get into another situation," Weatherby said.

Councilman Dave Miller said the village's current conditions are good compared to other cities, but the village needs consistent attention.

"We have a nice square and a nice village," Miller said. "As many other villages and cities in this country have gone down, we have maintained ours. And that's what the goal is: to keep it as nice and as good as we can."

Village Council will meet next at 7:30 p.m. May 21 at Town Hall, 9 E. Granville St.