Sunbury Village Administrator Dave Martin has announced he will retire in December.

Sunbury Village Administrator Dave Martin has announced he will retire in December.

Martin's contract was set for renewal this month. Sunbury Village Council extended his contract for six months at his request during its meeting Wednesday, June 4. His last day will be Dec. 3.

"I am extremely grateful for all the support I've had from all of you and from Sunbury," he told council.

Martin has held his position for seven years. His duties include overseeing village events, construction projects and maintenance necessities and responding to residents' concerns.

Prior to becoming administrator, Martin owned Pelican Publications, a small printing and manufacturing company. As his business began to falter, Martin applied for the vacant administrator position.

"My company was struggling a bit, so I needed to find a job. I was involved in local politics and I was on Big Walnut school board," Martin said.

"I knew a lot of the local politics going on and they needed an administrator and I needed a job, so I applied for it."

In November 2012, Martin was in a near-death motorcycle accident in Knox County that led to a long recovery. He spent five weeks at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, 12 of those days in a coma. He then spent three weeks in Dodd Hall Inpatient Rehabilitation before living with his son in Michigan as he continued his recovery.

Martin suffered 10 broken ribs and several internal injuries. He was out of work for 15 weeks as he recovered.

"I came back to work, and to this day, I still have weakness and stiffness and numbness issues," Martin said. "I walk two to three miles a day and try to get my strength back."

Though Martin continues to recover, he said his injuries are one reason he's stepping down.

Mayor Tommy Hatfield said Martin became administrator during a troubling time in Sunbury. He said Martin helped bring civility and peace to village leadership.

"Dave will communicate with all kinds of different groups," Hatfield said. "When you talk to Dave and you're upset, you won't be upset any longer. He brought a sense of community to the job, and that was a big thing for us."

Council has not made any decisions about finding Martin's successor. His last day is roughly six months away, but Martin said he wants to help train his replacement before he leaves.

When December comes, Martin said he likely will find a part-time job and travel during retirement.

"I'm not the kind of person who will sit around and do nothing. I will probably do some traveling and I love to drive," Martin said. "I have friends who literally live all over the world. I hope to do some visiting."