To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I am in favor of a dog park in Delaware. We have a dog and would certainly frequent the park, as I am sure many other dog lovers would.

We have been to a few other dog parks and it is so much fun to watch the dogs run and play. Also, I love watching the little children play with the smaller dogs -- they are laughing, running and having a great time.

A dog park is also another great way to make friends, not only for the dogs, but their owners, too. Maybe some owners are not able to exercise their pets or take them for a walk. The dog park would be a wonderful place for their pets to get the exercise they need.

I believe if all rules are followed, people respect people and their dogs, this dog park would be a wonderful addition to Blue Limestone Park.

Blue Limestone Park is the ideal place for this park because it is centrally located, easy to get to, very nice and shady, and has updated restrooms and drinking facilities. This park would also be nice for Ohio Wesleyan students to bring their dogs.

I have been reading and hearing about how hard everyone on the Dog Park Committee is working, so please get behind the committee. Call your council representative and spread the news: Delaware needs a dog park at Blue Limestone Park!

Judy Snyder