Sunbury's westward expansion likely will continue with its third annexation request this year.

Sunbury's westward expansion likely will continue with its third annexation request this year.

Property owners Sivad Construction Inc., Katsumi Tanaka and Kazuko Tanaka, and Geraldine Eder Dye asked Delaware County commissioners Aug. 7 to make their combined 247 acres part of the village of Sunbury

Their parcels stretch from South Galena Road westward to Interstate 71, north of Cheshire Road.

During Sunbury Village Council's meeting Wednesday, Aug. 20, council members passed a statutory resolution that outlines possible municipal services available to the property.

The village is able to provide maintenance, zoning and planning, and police services to the property if it becomes part of the village.

This annexation request is connected to the annexation approved in July. Together, the land could be the site of the proposed NorthGate Centre Development, which could feature sports fields, hotels, stores, warehouses and car dealerships.

Last month, council annexed 128 acres owned by Dye, Domigan Walker LLC and Kirk's Creek Investment LLC.The property is east of South Galena Road, west of Domigan Road and northwest of Cheshire Road.

Council passed a resolution in March that stated sewer, police, zoning, street and roadway services would be available to the Walker-Dye property. However, leaders said the village is unable to provide the same sanitary and storm sewer services to the Sivad-Tanaka property, even though it is adjacent to the recently annexed Walker-Dye land.

According to the resolution, the "necessary sanitary sewer service lines and related facilities and storm sewer lines and related facilities do not exist in proximity to the property proposed for annexation."

The necessary sewer lines would have to cross several privately owned properties and "be constructed at a cost which has not been determined but is expected to be significant," the resolution states.

Village Solicitor David Brehm said the system and the sewer plant could handle the services once connections are established.

"The sewer plant has plenty of capacity for the property," he said. "It's just the lines haven't been extended."

Before the village can provide services, the property owners or developers would have to construct the lines at their expense and obtain all necessary easements for them.

Even if the village annexes the property, the village would not be responsible for installing the sewer lines. The resolution includes language that places installation responsibility on the property owners.

The annexation petition now returns to Delaware County commissioners for approval before moving back to council. Once commissioners approve, council must wait 60 days to make a decision.