To the editor:

To the editor:

After reading the July 24 article in the Dublin Villager regarding the mound at Jerome High School, we felt we needed to respond. We know the students who participated in the grilling on the mound and feel that they were very unfairly characterized in this article. These kids were called disrespectful, too noisy and just trying to get as far away from adult supervision as possible.

In regards to the character of these kids, we would like the community to know this is grossly untrue. We have known most of these young adults since they were in preschool. They have always been not just great people and students, but exemplary citizens. They have spent their entire school careers supporting all of the schools they attended, volunteering in our community and being the best students they could. We bet if you talked to all of their teachers, you would not hear a negative word. Our son, Ryan, was the "grill master" at the baseball games. He frequently grilled for staff members and their children as well as the students. We would like to add that this was done at his expense and some donations from the other students. They were not trying to get as far away from their administrator and parents as possible.

The past four years, these kids have worked hard to help make Jerome High School the fantastic school that it is, both academically and socially. They are the first class to graduate after being at Jerome for all four years. It has been a special honor for them to help create the school spirit that was lacking there in previous years and have worked very hard at this. But this is not their only achievement. They have all excelled academically, and have helped make Dublin Jerome one of the most highly ranked schools in Ohio.

These kids support their school and all of the sports there. Grilling on the mound was an activity that helped rally the students around their baseball team. Are they sometimes noisy? Yes, I'm sure they are. I would expect that from any spectator sport attended at the high school. But, these kids are not the hoodlums they are made out to be in this newspaper article. Their intent was to help their baseball team. We think it is wonderful that the administration supported them in this endeavor.

Our question to these residents of Belvedere is, 'Why did you move next to a high school if you didn't want to hear the noise?' The plans for the school existed for many years before your homes were built.

As parents of one of the "Hilltoppers," we think these kids deserve your apologies. And on a more personal note, we want to wish all those wonderful seniors on the mound the greatest of luck in the next phase of your lives. You truly are exceptional and we know you will do well in whatever path you take.

Peggy and Ben Pfefferle