Attendees of the 2009 Memorial Golf Tournament who haven't seen central Ohio's latest attraction might want to consider a slight detour on their way to this year's PGA event.

Attendees of the 2009 Memorial Golf Tournament who haven't seen central Ohio's latest attractionmight want to consider a slight detour on their way to this year's PGA event.

The Columbus Zoo - which currently features 2-month-old elephant "Beco" - again is one of the first options the City of Dublin Police Department wants patrons of the tournament to consider in terms of parking.

On-street parking to the public is available on both Muirfield Drive and Carnoustie Drive, but the options are limited.

Those looking forparking alsomay park on those days at the Zoo, where significant parking is available and shuttles run regularly to and from the tournament.

"Things are pretty much the same as last year," Dublin Police Lieutenant Heinz von Eckartsberg said. "There's overflow parking at the Columbus Zoo with the shuttles. The most congestion historically is on Friday on Avery, Glick and Riverside Drive."

On-street parking available on Muirfield Drive is on the North- and South-bound left-hand lanes. Vehicles parked on Muirfield Drive one hour after play concludes will be towed.

Carnoustie Drive parking is located off Northbound Muirfield Drive, just south of Glick Road. From Tuesday through Sunday, Carnoustie Drive becomes a one-way Eastbound street containing limited public parking. Vehicles parked on Carnoustie Drive one hour after play concludes will be towed.

By local ordinance, parking on any Muirfield Village street is prohibited except in areas designated for parking. Cars parked on the street in non-designated areas will be towed.

Drop-off locations also are available at the gate near the sixth tee, located at State Route 745/Dublin Road, as well as the back gate.

Patrons who park in the main parking area near the sixth tee should use the back gate exit behind the Bogey Inn when leaving the lot. This exit empties out directly onto the O'Shaughnessy Bridge, eliminating the need to wait at the intersection of Glick Road and State Route 745/Dublin Road. From Thursday through Sunday, the O'Shaughnessy Bridge is limited to one-way Eastbound traffic from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. daily.

Access to Memorial Drive between Muirfield Drive and Dublin Road will be restricted to vehicles with proper credentials because of shuttle-vehicle

Traffic on I-270 will be heaviest heading away from the city from 3-7 p.m. Thursday and Friday.

Motorists can turn to 1610-AM for updates on traffic during tournament week once they are within 3-5 miles of the tournament.

"We ask that all motorists pay attention to the traffic officers every day," von Eckartsberg said. "Traffic may be flowing a little bit different than normal. If there's anything critical for (drivers) to know, it will be updated on 1610-AM."

The main parking area for the Memorial Tournament is located off Dublin Road (State Route 745) south of Glick Road, near the sixth tee of the Muirfield Village Golf Club. Overflow parking is available in the Ashbaugh Road lot.

"A Lot" parking is in the area off Muirfield and Crossgate drives and requires an "A Lot" pass for admittance. Members of the media, caddies, volunteers and staff are permitted to park in "A Lot."

For people with disabilities, parking is located at the corner of Muirfield and Crossgate drives. Access will be limited to individuals/vehicles with a state-issued Disability Placard. Shuttle Service to and from the Clubhouse will be available.

Special passes can be obtained at the V.I.P. Courtesy Center (located at 5900 Cromdale Dr., Suite 100) to allow parking/drop-off for individuals with a disability. Also, accessible restroom facilities are located near the practice range and clubhouse. Call the Tournament office at 614- 889-6700 for exact locations of accessible parking areas and to receive passes in advance.

Dublin police suggest these routes for local residents:

•Those coming from areas south of Muirfield Village should take either Dublin Road to the main parking area off Dublin Road south of Glick Road, or take Muirfield Drive to Brand Road, go East on Brand Road to Ashbaugh Road and North on Ashbaugh Road to the Ashbaugh parking lot.

•Those coming from the east should take Riverside Drive north to Glick Road, Glick Road to Dublin Road and Dublin Road South to the main parking area.

Dublin police suggest these routes for exiting:

•From the main parking area off Dublin Road south of Glick Road, use the drive in the far Northeast corner of the lot (behind the Bogey Inn) to go directly to Glick Road and turn right to access the O'Shaughnessy Bridge. From 3 to 8 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, the bridge will be one-way toward Riverside Drive.

•From the Ashbaugh Lot, take Ashbaugh Road to Brand Road and turn left. Then take Brand Road to Coffman Road and turn right, Coffman Road to Post Road and turn left and Post Road to U.S. Route 33 and I-270.

•From Muirfield Drive. median and clubhouse parking areas, take Muirfield Drive south to U.S. Route 33 and I-270.

•For those leaving the Tournament, both lanes of Glick Road across the O'Shaughnessy Bridge will be one way Eastbound from 3 to 8 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.