The Dublin Irish Festival stout has created a buzz.

The Dublin Irish Festival stout has created a buzz.

According to festival board member Patrick King, the three-day celebration of Irish heritage is no longer enough to quench people's thirst for the specially brewed DIF stout that normally makes one appearance a year.

"The appetite for it is greater than just three days of the Irish festival," he said.

The stout was served in July at area restaurants -- including the Dublin Village Tavern, Brazenhead, Tutto Vino and Montgomery Inn -- to whet the appetites of Irish festival followers.

"It's both to get people excited about the festival and meet the demand outside of just the three days of the festival," King said.

The DIF stout was created in response to requests for a dark beer at the event.

"We decided to offer stout based on guests who had requested a dark beer. Superior Beverage is our beer partner, so we talked to them about this," said community relations specialist Mary Jo DiSalvo.

King said DIF stout is brewed in Denver, home of Coors' microbreweries.

"We have it created or brewed in the Sandlot Brewery, which is in Denver," he said. "We worked with them to create the stout and every year it increases in popularity."

The beer was characterized as a "traditional Irish beer."

"It's a stout so it's a dark beer with sort of a creamy head. It's like several other traditional Irish beers. We think we've got a unique thing going on," King said. "It's something other Irish festivals have been inquiring about."

DIF stout was first offered three years ago at only a few places at the festival, King said.

"Last year we had it at all the (beer) locations," he said.

The 115 kegs on tap at the 2008 Irish festival ran out on Saturday night.

"Selling out is a good sign," said Sandra Puskarcik, community relations director. "We know it's popular and people enjoyed it. This year we increased our order."

King said 145 kegs were ordered for this year's festival.

"It's been wildly successful and people really enjoy it," he said. "It's been good for the festival and good for the patrons."

DIF stout can be found at locations throughout the Dublin Irish Festival, which runs 4 p.m. to midnight Friday, 11 a.m. to midnight Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

Admission is $10 and $7 for seniors age 60 and over.

For more information or a list of restaurants and bars carrying DIF stout, look online at