Dublin City Schools teachers will get a little education next week in preparation for the return of students Aug. 25.

Dublin City Schools teachers will get a little education next week in preparation for the return of students Aug. 25.

The teachers will learn from their co-workers during the district's annual leadership academy Aug. 4-5 at Jerome High School. This year's theme is "Every Learner, Everyday."

The event, which is aimed at teachers and central office staff, is being chaired by Davis Middle School math teacher Samantha Althouse and Scottish Corners Elementary teacher Staci Lutz.

"Basically it's for anyone in the district who wants to help out students more," Althouse said.

This is the first year both Althouse and Lutz have chaired the academy, which is planned by Dublin teachers.

"The planning committee is a teacher-driven committee," Althouse said. "Teachers plan all of this. It helps us continue to find the best way to reach students and gets us excited (for the upcoming school year.)"

Althouse decided to get involved with the planning after she attended the leadership academy for the first time.

"The first year I actually attended it, I was so impressed with the information given and the amount of collaboration I was able to participate in," she said. "It got me energized for the new school year and it's a great opportunity to plan sessions and activities with other teachers."

On the first day of the leadership academy, Althouse said teachers will attend a morning session based on data analysis and how to properly assess students -- and how to use that information in the classroom.

After lunch teachers will attend sessions of their choosing such as PowerPoint, ProgressBook and SMART Boards.

Althouse said technology sessions were popular last year and feedback indicated the teachers wanted more in the future.

"Kids are really into technology and that's a good way to reach them," she said.

Teachers will attend more sessions of their choosing during the second day of the leadership academy, when the day's main lesson will focus on differentiating content.

On both days, teachers will have a chance to discuss the lesson of the day with teachers in their grade level, subject and building.

While Dublin teachers aren't required to attend the leadership academy, Althouse said it's a "great opportunity for professional development and it's free for everybody."

Academy participants also get a chance to learn from experts within the district.

"What we really like to advertise is we have staff from the district doing sessions," Althouse said. "It shows we have strong, diverse teachers in Dublin."

As of last week, Althouse said about 400 teachers had signed up for the leadership academy.

"That's really a great number," she said. "There are a lot of new hires that are continuing to register and we hope they keep signing up."