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Miracle League

Donations build gathering place


The baseball games are over, but Miracle League members will have something new to look forward to when the season begins next year.

A pavilion has been added to the Miracle League baseball field, which serves a league for the mentally and physically disabled in Daree Fields Park, 6259 Cosgray Road.

Fundraising for the Miracle League began six years ago and the addition of a pavilion is just one more thing that will serve players, families and the community, said league director Christy Fields.

"We wanted to have a pavilion to make this more of a gathering spot," she said. "We don't want the kids to come just for the baseball game."

The pavilion will give the league a place to picnic, keep players out of the sun and give parkgoers a place to take shelter year-round, Fields said.

Miracle League finished up its fifth season in July, right around when construction on the pavilion began.

With a donation of $22,000 from the Muirfield Civic Association and $25,000 from Oak Park developer Hallmark Homes, the pavilion went up in two to three months, Fields said.

Since construction did not begin until the end of the Miracle League season, many players have not yet seen the new addition, but Fields said a World Series Bash planned for Oct. 25 would give them a chance.

"We're having one last event (this year) in October," she said. "So players, parents and buddies can come back and see (the pavilion). I hope this will solidify the whole park as something they can come back to throughout the year."

Near the Miracle League baseball field is a playground built especially for children with mental and physical disabilities that was also built with donated funds.

Fields got involved in Miracle League as a coach during the nonprofit's first season. She said the community support that has helped develop the field and surroundings has been amazing.

"The biggest thing I want people to know is this is a community site and we would love for people to come out and use it whenever," she said.

Miracle League pairs mentally and physically disabled children with a buddy for baseball games. For more information on the organization, look online at ohiomiracleleague.org.