Dublin resident Lois McCourt doesn't have to worry about the hassle of finding a swimsuit this summer.

Dublin resident Lois McCourt doesn't have to worry about the hassle of finding a swimsuit this summer.

She created her own.

McCourt, who started working on her own bathing suit last year, founded a "suddenly slim swimwear" line that caught the attention of national media outlets such as NBC's the "Today" show and "Redbook."

Swankini got its start when McCourt was looking for a suit.

"I was looking for a bathing suit and like us women, I was depressed and disappointed I couldn't find anything," she said. "Then I thought, 'I'm going to create my own.'"

A five-year resident of Dublin, McCourt has a background in clothing and jewelry design. After sketching a few designs, she searched the Internet for a seamstress and eventually found one through other contacts.

"No one wants to work with (bathing suit) fabric," she said. "I was talking to fabric houses, specialty fabric houses and they recommended a seamstress in Queens, N.Y."

The stay-at-home mom turned business owner has family in New York who provided her a place to stay when she visited while the mock-ups of the bathing suits were being made.

McCourt said she initially intended to sell only a few of the suits, but the reception was better than expected.

"I was making a few suits for friends," she said. "I wanted to sell a few suits online. I didn't expect this."

According to McCourt, it's the design that put the Swankini bathing suits in magazines, on TV and the web.

"It's the fit and the quality. That's the first thing that people say when they try it on," she said. "They fit so many body types."

McCourt also credited the success of her bathing suits to a longer top that is fully lined.

While she has enjoyed the attention, McCourt said she hasn't seen as much of her husband or her three sons as she would like. Her sons attend Coffman High School, Sells Middle School and Bailey Elementary School.

"It's definitely been harder than I thought and has definitely taken a toll on my family," she said. "I have to go to New York at the beginning of June and I'll miss some of the boys' activities."

There are positives, though. McCourt said she's "looking forward" to the first time she sees her suit at the beach or the pool.

For more information on Swankini, look online at swankini.com.

The suits can be found locally at Le Flair Boutique, 233 W. Bridge St. in Dublin.