One Dublin dad will cheer his son on at the Emerald City Music Games next week.

One Dublin dad will cheer his son on at the Emerald City Music Games next week.

The annual Dublin stop on the Drum Corps International's Summer Music Games Tour on July 5 will feature musicians from around the world, in addition to at least one local.

"My son, Josh, is 21, and this is his fifth year," Tim Jameson said. "He's actually one of two drum majors (for the Glassmen). He'll be out in front of the corps, directing. This is especially cool for him coming home. Last year was his first year as a drum major, but they didn't come here last year."

The Glassmen had come the three years prior, when Josh marched and played the baritone with the Toledo-based drum and bugle corps.

"He was always one of those kids who wanted to do a little bit more," Tim said. "When he was a sophomore in high school, we took him to Indianapolis for a drum-corps show, and he got the bug."

Jameson went to tryouts in Toledo between his junior and senior year in high school and earned a spot with the band.

The Glassmen group comprises 150 musicians ranging from 16 to 22 years old and from as far away as Holland, Germany, England and Japan. Some are local, though. The group's website said 60 percent come from the tri-state area.

After scoring a position with the group, Jameson had to attend monthly weekend camps and summer rehearsals in May. Touring for competition starts in June and ends in August.

"They put in 10,000 to 12,000 miles on the bus," Jameson said. "It's just amazing the intensity about which they go about their day. It's like being in the circus. By the time they're a couple weeks into the season, they don't even know where they are."

Jameson's corps won't be the only group performing at Emerald City Music Games at Dublin Jerome High School, 8300 Hyland-Croy Road. Seven other drum and bugle corps will perform and a few are new to the Emerald City Games.

"One new group is the Troopers from Casper, Wyo.," said Gary Hodges, who organizes the local event. "Their uniform is based off a cavalry uniform from the late 1800s. It's based on an Ohio regiment. They're a very popular group. It's our first year to have a Canadian group."

The groups slated to perform in the Emerald City Music Games are Blue Saints, from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; Blue Stars, from La Crosse, Wis.; The Cavaliers, from Rosemont, Ill.; Cincinnati Tradition, from Cincinnati; Colts, from Dubuque, Iowa; Glassmen, from Toledo; Pioneer, from Milwaukee, Wis.; and the Troopers, from Casper, Wyo.

Hodges, a former Dublin City Schools music teacher, said he likes bringing a high-caliber music event to the city.

"I think being a former educator in Dublin schools, and obviously, as a musician, I'm into art. To bring something of this caliber to Dublin and all of Franklin County for people to see and to support kids working hard to be as perfect as they can be, that is what excites me," he said, adding that the event benefits athletics fields at Dublin City Schools.

The shows performed by each band will include music, themes and sometimes props, Hodges said.

"It's very entertaining, somewhat like a Broadway show on grass, or in this case, artificial turf," he said.

A local group, the Dublin Cornet Band, will play before the show begins. The gates will open at 5:30 p.m.

A Dublin student will perform the national anthem at 7 p.m., and the bands will perform starting at 7:15.

Hodges said awards would be announced at 10:15 p.m., with a post performance by the Blue Stars planned after awards.

Tickets to the event are available online at and range from $17 to $23. Tickets also will be available at the gate but will be more expensive.