With more than 200 years under its belt, Historic Dublin has some stories to tell.

With more than 200 years under its belt, Historic Dublin has some stories to tell.

Becky Schisler is hoping to offer some of the more ghostly tales with Olde Town Ghost Tours in Historic Dublin.

Schisler, owner of Blankets and Booties, 82 S. High St., said the 90-minute walking tours are being offered for the first time this fall. The idea came about after she had an otherworldly experience in the area.

"A few years ago I had a paranormal experience in the area," she said. "I started to become the story-keeper."

Blankets and Booties is ghost free, Schisler said, but she's heard several stories about paranormal happenings from other shop owners in the area.

For the tour, she collected them as well as some history on the area.

"People told me 'this' or 'that' happened," she said. "People knew I was interested in ghosts."

The tours, held Thursday through Sunday through Oct. 31, begin and end at Blankets and Booties.

"We walk through this area up to the cemetery behind the library and back," she said. "It's been a blast."

Most of the Historic Dublin spirits are benign, Schisler said.

"If you walk in any store down here, you get good feelings," she said.

In fact, she sees the local ghosts as the intelligent kind that want you to know they're around.

"There are a lot of stories of things being moved; items missing and then being put back," Schisler said. "There are different places and different things that have happened."

Even though Historic Dublin ghosts are benign, Schisler said children younger than 12 years old might want to skip the tour.

Schisler's 10-year-old nephew that loved visiting Blankets and Booties refuses to return after hearing one of his aunt's tales.

"They're benign ghosts, but some of the stories are edgy," she said.

The tours will be an evolving project. Schisler said she often hears new tales about Historic Dublin hauntings.

"If you come down here you can't help but hear stories," she said.

The tours will end with October as cold weather blows in, but Schisler said they could start up again in the spring.

The tours go on rain or shine and participants are encouraged to bring a flashlight. Cameras are also allowed.

Schisler said her tours aren't theatrical, but are based on stories she collected.

"It's not a theatrical tour," she said. "It's based on fact and what people believe has happened to them."

Tours run from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays. A 4 p.m. daylight tour is also held Sundays. Tours are $10. To make reservations, call 614-889-6303 or look online at oldetownghosttours.com.