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Dublin schools 'Excellent With Distinction'


The Dublin City School District was again rated "excellent with distinction" on state report cards, according to preliminary results.

Final preliminary report card results were released by the Ohio Department of Education last week after a delay as state officials looked into alleged data tampering at a few districts in the state.

"During the last few weeks, ODE employees have worked diligently to upload and verify remaining school data for school improvement purposes," Michael L. Sawyers, acting superintendent of ODE said in a news release.

"As we wait for additional information related to the investigation by the auditor of state, ODE remains committed to sharing existing data so that students, parents, educators and the public can be informed about the progress of our schools."

Information from the annual state testing from the 2011-12 school year was due out in August, but an investigation into data manipulation in some districts began.

The final report cards will not be released until the investigation by the auditor of state is completed or the state board of education agrees to do so. The information in the preliminary results released so far is subject to revision, the release stated.

Districts have had access to preliminary results since the summer however, and Dublin City School Superintendent David Axner said he was not surprised by the top rating.

"We worked real hard around here and always appreciate validation that we're doing good things," he said.

Dublin this year received the top excellent with distinction rating and met 26 of 26 state indicators, which include individual achievement tests, the Ohio Graduation test, attendance rate and graduation rate.

To meet the state indicators, 75 percent of students must score proficient or higher on the test. For the 11th grade Ohio Graduation Test, 85 percent of students must score proficient or better.

"That's nine years in a row we've had the highest academic rating," Axner said. "There are only 13 (districts) in the state now that have that."

The district also reached its highest performance index score with 107 points out of 120.

"The performance index score is an all-time high, again," Axner said.

The performance index score "... reflects the achievement of every student enrolled for the full academic year ..." information from ODE said, and was 106.9 for Dublin last year.

On the state report card, the district met Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, which measures whether students in nine subgroups meet goals in reading and math.

For the value-added rating that determines the progress students have made since the last academic year, Dublin was rated above, which means the district exceeded expected growth.