It'll be canine chaos this weekend as 101 Dalmatians takes the stage at Jerome High School.

It'll be canine chaos this weekend as 101 Dalmatians takes the stage at Jerome High School.

The Disney musical -- slated for 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 15-17, and 2 p.m. Saturday in the performing arts center at Dublin Jerome High School, 8300 Hyland Croy Road -- has more than 200 students involved.

The production is the annual show that gets young actors involved with a camp for middle and elementary school students. The students can choose which days they want to be part of the show.

Director Patricia Scott said about 23 students from the theater III class, 30 other high school students and 200 elementary and middle school students are involved.

"The kids are the Dalmatian puppies this year," she said.

Jerome junior Meredith Post is featured as Cruella De Vil in the show and came up with the choreography for the music-heavy production.

She taught the middle and elementary school students choreography for the first and last songs of the show, with the help of a few camp counselors.

"It wasn't that hard," she said. "The kids caught on very well."

Senior Sam Hausfeld, who plays Cruella's henchman Jasper, said the 205 middle and elementary students involved in the show have been well behaved.

"We've had kids camp for four years," he said. "This is twice the size it usually is and by far the calmest we've had."

This is the first time 101 Dalmatians has been performed at Jerome High School and Hausfeld said they're making it their own.

"This is the annual kid's show, so we have a lot of fun with it," he said. "There's not a lot of material to work with, but we make it good."

Along with including young actors in the show, they're hoping to get a lot of children in the audience.

"The kids will be engaged in the show," Post said. "There's a lot of physical comedy and jokes between the henchmen they'll like."

Senior Ryan Anderson plays Horace, Cruella's other henchman and said he's getting into the role. "I enjoy getting to be the comedy relief of the show," he said. "It's fun to act to little kids and making them laugh is rewarding."

Physical comedy is called for in the roles of both henchmen and Anderson and Hausfeld are falling for it.

"It's fun being good at being bad," Anderson said.

The show has about an hour run time and isn't too different from the Disney movie.

"It's pretty similar to the movie. We changed it a little to make the show funnier and shorter," Anderson said, adding the production is full of songs.

Tickets for 101 Dalmatians can be purchased at the door and are $10 for adults and $6 for students and seniors.