The support of our community is an integral part of the success of the Dublin City School District. The approval of Issue 48 means some important things for our district.

The support of our community is an integral part of the success of the Dublin City School District. The approval of Issue 48 means some important things for our district.

It is important our stakeholders understand we will continue to look for ways to be efficient and operate our district in the most cost effective manner possible.

Last year, Dublin City Schools was named one of Ohio's most efficient districts by Ohio Education Matters. We will continue to be vigilant when it comes to controlling costs to the best of our ability.

The recent affirmation of the highest possible credit ratings from both Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's will help the district reduce the amount of interest it pays when it sells bonds to fund projects.

The district has received an "Aaa" credit rating from Moody's Investors Service and a "AAA" rating from Standard & Poor's and is one of only four districts in all of Ohio to have both these ratings.

New York City's chief rating agencies have repeatedly cited strong community support as a key reason the district has earned the highest possible ratings.

Both agencies also cited sound financial management as key to maintaining these top credit ratings over a span of years.

These ratings would have been at serious risk without the approval of Issue 48.

On an operational level, Issue 48's passage will allow the district to operate through Fiscal Year 2016 without any additional voted dollars.

Technology, equipment, and maintenance will be available at all 20 of our school facilities.

The overcrowded commons area at Davis Middle School will be expanded, traffic flow at Riverside Elementary will be improved, and needed HVAC/ fire alarm system upgrades at Deer Run will take place.

As a reminder, 100 percent of the dollars generated by Issue 48 will stay right here in Dublin City Schools. None of the voter approved funds can be diverted to the state or federal government.

Like all Ohio districts, we will have challenges going forward.

There are unfunded mandates from the state of Ohio the district must comply with in the coming months and years.

These include the third grade guarantee, Common Core standards, a new teacher evaluation system, a new state report card system, changes to the social studies and science curriculum and more.

Our staff is ready to meet these challenges head on.

And perhaps most importantly, the success of Issue 48 means $10-million in cuts will not have to take place.

Although we will continue to be more efficient, these cuts would have been devastating to our academic programs and extracurricular programs.

Our district is one of only 13 in Ohio to have earned Excellent with Distinction every year that rating has been available.

Dublin City Schools met 26 of 26 state standards, met Adequate Yearly Progress as a district, exceeded Value Added academic growth expectations, and earned a Performance Index score of 107.0, the highest Performance Index score in district history.

Our extracurricular programs continue to be some of the best in Ohio with state championships being earned on the courts and fields of play in different sports.

Our music programs will remain in tact and continue to be some of the state's finest.

Ultimately, the results we achieve in our classrooms should be reflected in the success of our students when they enter the worlds of higher education and employment.

More than 93 percent of the class of 2011 went on to higher education.

The competition for entrance into the countries finest universities and colleges is at an all-time high.

We will continue to focus our efforts on helping our students achieve college readiness.

The district's average composite ACT score of 25.1 is an all-time high.

We are proud many of our students are able to get their first choice when it comes to college, and we also want them to be successful once they get there.

According to a survey of the members of the class of 2009 two years after their graduation, 85 percent of the class members said they had received a quality education in Dublin City Schools.

This is a particularly telling statistic from a cohort of graduates who are currently taking high-level coursework at some of the country's best colleges and universities.

Students who are not college bound are encouraged to pursue their chosen vocations with the help of Tolles Technical and Career Center, along with other available options.

The support of our community makes all these things possible.

The passage of Issue 48 is an investment in our community and in our children. We have always taken the management of that investment seriously and we will continue to do so.

Thank you for your support of Dublin City Schools.

Dublin City School District Superintendent David Axner submitted the From the Superintendent's Desk column to the Dublin Villager.