Dublin Villager

Closed roads to open soon

Two road closures in Dublin are slated to end soon.

The roundabout at Shier Rings and Cosgray roads is scheduled to open Wednesday, Nov. 21, after months of construction.

Some additional work, such as the installation of LED street lights, will still need to be completed, but the intersection will open said Paul Hammersmith, Dublin's city engineer.

A roundabout was installed at the intersection to improve safety and efficiency.

According to information from the city, "the single-lane roundabout at Cosgray and Shier Rings roads will help reduce injury accidents."

When the roundabout opens, the temporary access drive to Darree Fields from Cosgray Road will close.

Dublin Road south is set to open Nov. 28.

The city closed the road between Tuttle Road and Hertford Lane to remove and construct a concrete box culvert that runs beneath the road.

During construction, the city also worked on a multi-use path.