Dublin will host international visitors in 2013 as the Presidents Cup and Football University Top Gun Camp come to town.

Dublin will host international visitors in 2013 as the Presidents Cup and Football University Top Gun Camp come to town.

The 2013 Presidents Cup is expected to fill Dublin hotels when it's held at Muirfield Village in October as a team from the U.S. faces an international team of the best golfers from non-European countries.

The 2013 Football University Top Gun Camp will also lure the best of middle school and high school football players from the U.S., Canada and Europe to Dublin in July.

"Any time an event comes to town, big or small, those people in town need a place to eat, to shop (and) to buy gifts," Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Scott Dring said.

"The entire community benefits any time a visitor is in town. We're very confident that those two events will fill the hotels ... . The goal for those two events is to make sure we leverage those as much as we can on a global stage.

"It's not very often we have a large group of international visitors to the city. It gives us a platform to promote Dublin."

While both events will have a significant impact on Dublin and central Ohio's economy, city officials are concentrating on other opportunities the events could bring.

"In terms of national/international scope, those are two huge events that will really put Dublin on the global stage," Dring said.

"It's a tremendous opportunity for us, not only to bring visitors here and reap the economic impact opportunities, but in the long term to position Dublin as a great place to work, live and visit for people who have not been aware of Dublin in the past."

Dublin has held golf events in the past, but the Football University Top Gun Camp could bring a new group of visitors to the area, City Manager Marsha Grigsby said. It could also open opportunities to local coaches.

"It can open up a lot of ave-nues we never knew," she said.

Although Dublin plays host to the Dublin Irish Festival and Memorial Tournament annually, Dring said the 2013 events could bring unique opportunities.

"I think having the Memorial Tournament and Irish festival, those are two huge events that are main-stage events in the community that we can count on and we know people will be there," he said.

"Without those two events here, we couldn't have been able to attract the Presidents Cup and Football University.

"Those events give us the ability to land future events," Dring said.

"But comparing the Presidents Cup and Memorial Tournament, the Presidents Cup will be huge and it's a different level of exposure internationally that we've never seen in the city of Dublin ... There's a big difference between the two."

The events could also draw people who could have an impact on Dublin in the future, Grigsby said, adding someone who visited the Memorial Tournament returned to Dublin to establish a company.

"They may come back to the city later," Grigsby said.

"You just never know what can come out of it," she said.

Along with preparing ways to market the city this year, plans are also under way to welcome international visitors.

"One of the things we're working on is a large event Thursday of the tournament in Dublin hosting dignitaries and attendees," Dring said.

"We're working with the local community on figuring out how we can put our best foot forward and make sure they have a great experience in the city of Dublin," he said.

"We're working on an ambassador-type program so we know how to host these international visitors and dignitaries from all over the world.

"The next Presidents Cup is in Korea and they're bringing a lot of dignitaries to see how we run this event," Dring said.

Dublin held a community meeting in August to get ideas from the community; another is slated for Jan. 15.

According to Dring, other national and regional events such as corporate and association meetings and business trade shows will be held in Dublin this year as well.