A new 45-home development could take shape across from Dublin Jerome High School's athletics fields.

A new 45-home development could take shape across from Dublin Jerome High School's athletics fields.

The Dublin Planning and Zoning Commission last week heard a concept plan for Celtic Crossing, a residential development that could sit on about 28 acres on the west side of Hyland Croy Road and north of Mitchell-Dewitt Road.

For the concept plan, commission members gave the applicant, Stavroff Interests, LTD., feedback on the potential development.

If the developers decide to continue with the plan, they must submit a rezoning request, preliminary development plan and final development plan to the city.

Planner Justin Goodwin said Celtic Crossing would require a rezoning on the 28-acre site from rural to planned unit development.

According to future land-use plans approved by the city in 2007, Goodwin said, plans for the land were for residential with a density of 1.5 dwellings per acre.

"The proposal is in line with general plans for the area," he said.

Roadway characteristics planned for the area are rural, which means large setbacks from the road, Goodwin told commission members.

The site is currently unoccupied, has high-tension power lines and a stream running through part of it.

The proposal for Celtic Crossing includes 45 single-family lots with access points from Hyland Croy Road to the east and Mitchell-Dewitt Road on the southwest corner.

Concept plans include a multiuse path linked into those at the neighboring Glacier Ridge Metro Park, a reserve area around the stream and a large, 200-foot set back at the Hyland Croy Road entrance.

The Mitchell-Dewitt Road entrance, in the concept plan, has a setback of less than 100 feet, Goodwin said.

Jeremy Nutting, who lives across Mitchell-Dewitt Road from the possible development, voiced safety concerns regarding a multiuse path that crosses the road just west of the proposed entrance on Mitchell-Dewitt Road.

"It's not such a safe area," he said.

A few commission members agreed, wondering if the Mitchell-Dewitt Road entrance could be eliminated or moved to the east.

Some commission members had no problem with the density proposed in the concept plan of 1.6 units per acre that was more than the 1.5 units per acre called for in future planning maps, however some did suggest eliminating two lots by the Mitchell-Dewitt Road entrance to increase the setback from the road.

Others disagreed.

"I'm not crazy about the density," John Hardt said. "The community plan says 1.5 (dwelling units per acre). If we push this down to 1.5 it would solve some of the problems we were talking about."

Richard Taylor also expressed concerns about the density and suggested rearranging the configuration of the homes in the concept plan.

"We need to make sure density is below 1.5 (dwelling units per acre)," Warren Fishman agreed. "We don't want to set a precedent."

Commission members did, however, have positive things to say about the concept plan for Celtic Crossing.

"It's a very nice development," said Chris Amorose Groomes, commission chairwoman. "There are a few hurdles, but we're very supportive of a project like this on the property."