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From the superintendent's desk

Board keeps community's best interests at heart


January is School Board Recognition Month in Ohio and provides us with the opportunity to thank the members of local boards of education across our state for their dedication to public education.

School board members are locally elected citizens who make decisions that affect, influence and direct the education of the youth in our communities.

Here in Dublin City Schools, we are blessed to have a board of education that is willing to give their precious time to the students and staff of our district.

Our board members have full lives, careers, and families, but willingly make sacrifices for the betterment of our district.

Board members help make decisions about our public school system that represents needs of their communities as closely as possible.

Their public service is an excellent example of the tradition of volunteerism that is a hallmark of our society.

Chris Valentine, Gwen Callender, Stu Harris, Lynn May, and Scott Melody are the members of the Dublin City Schools Board of Education.

Their commitment as individuals, and as a group, is one of the reasons our district continues to be one of Ohio's best.

This group of board members is a veteran group of elected officials who have all contributed to the success of Dublin City Schools.

The time spent in board meetings represents a fraction of the hours they give to our district.

Board members make policy, approve contracts with employees, choose curriculum, adopt budgets and directly employ a superintendent and a treasurer.

Being a member of a board of education is a tough job, and at times, a thankless job.

Board members are often on the front lines of difficult issues and are key first communicators with the public on a wide variety of topics.

One of the many traits that makes our board of education special is the prioritization of their own professional development when it comes to boardsmanship.

They spend hours studying issues, attending seminars, and meeting with individuals in order to stay on top of the many challenges facing Ohio public schools.

The Dublin City Schools Board of Education also prides itself on being visible in the community.

Board members attend all types of school events to show their support of the great things going on in Dublin City Schools.

They also make a point of recognizing students and staff who achieve at high levels.

Deserving students and staff are recognized at board meetings for their achievements throughout the year.

Another key function of a high quality board is its role in working with state legislators on a variety of issues impacting education in Ohio.

They spend many hours in meetings with our local legislators to make sure our community's point of view is taken into consideration when decisions are being made.

With all of these different responsibilities on their plates, our board is exceptional at keeping its focus on what is best for our students.

Their commitment to providing Dublin City Schools students with a world-class education is a key reason our district continues to be one of Ohio's best.

If you happen to have contact with any of our Board members during the coming weeks, please take the time to thank them for their service.

Dublin City School District Superintendent David Axner submitted the From the Superintendent's Desk column.