Bird lovers can help out the Eastern Bluebird through a Dublin volunteer opportunity.

Bird lovers can help out the Eastern Bluebird through a Dublin volunteer opportunity.

Dublin will host a training session for residents on monitoring East- ern Bluebird conservation boxes around Dublin parks and green spaces from 7 to 9 p.m. Feb. 7 in the Dublin Service Center, 6555 Shier-Rings Rd.

Bluebird monitoring requires a weekly commitment from mid-March to mid-September.

"Typically people go twice a week," said Dublin Nature Coordinator Mime Migliore.

The job includes checking the boxes and recording data.

Because bluebirds are secondary cavity nesters, Migliore said, volunteers must also deter unwelcome birds from taking up residence within the bluebird boxes.

"They need a cavity to live in but can't build it themselves," she said.

"With a lack of woodlands and lack of dead trees for them to build cavities, we supplement through the bluebird box program.

"Volunteers manage those boxes and they manage for invasive species such as the European house sparrow."

Bluebird boxes are all over the city and often close to the homes of volunteers.

"They're on public property in specific areas good for the bluebird, not in the middle of a wood lot. They like open areas," Migliore said.

"There are some along Post Road in Coffman Park, some in the Campden Lakes areas," she said.

"They're pretty spread out ... . The location has to do with a safe habitat for birds and also keeps in mind where volunteers live.

"Many can ride their bicycle or walk to them."

The Feb. 7 training is extensive, Migliore said, and some who attend the training use the knowledge for their own bluebird boxes.

"There's no magic number (of volunteers)," she said.

"We typically train more people than become volunteers because bluebird management isn't for everyone.

"It's also an opportunity for people in the community to learn to tend a bluebird box for their own backyard."

Those that do volunteer for the city monitoring bluebird boxes often involve their children.

"It's really family oriented," Migliore said. "That doesn't mean we don't have many single individuals that monitor, but as far as having something for a family to do, it's a great experience."

To RSVP for the training or for more information, contact Migliore at 614-410-4730 or