Thanks to a partnership with Possitivity, Dublin kept almost 13 tons of electronics from the landfill last year.

Thanks to a partnership with Possitivity, Dublin kept almost 13 tons of electronics from the landfill last year.

The city began offering residents e-waste recycling last year at the Dublin Service Center, 6555 Shier-Rings Road through a partnership with the Dublin-based company and 25,918 lbs of electronics were recycled through the effort.

"Our first year started in January 2012. We're really happy with first year results," said Michelle Crandall, Dublin's director of administrative services. "Almost 13 tons of e-waste was diverted from the landfill."

The partnership came about from a request from residents and Crandall said the service is offered free of charge.

"Twenty-five thousand pounds from one customer is a decent amount of stuff," Connie Chwan, president and CEO of Possitivity said of Dublin's first year yield.

The company recycled 184 tons of e-waste last year. The majority came from companies, Chwan said, but a drop-off location off Roberts Road in Columbus and the partnership with Dublin got the company some residential business.

"Our primary market is business," Chwan said, adding The Columbus Dispatch and Wendy's number among their customers.

"We have a couple hundred corporate customers," Chwan said.

"We tap into the residential market a couple ways. Dublin is the first city in central Ohio to do such a thing. Dublin is an awesome place to do business. They're great."

Once Possitivity picks up e-waste such as cables, calculators, cellphones, computers, fax machines, routers, scanners and gaming devices, they're taken apart for recycling.

"We dismantle them and separate out the plastic, aluminum, steel and wires by cutting off ribbon cables and taking out drives and mother boards," Chwan said.

"We take out 19 different commodities that come from electronics we accept."

Once the commodities are removed, they go back into the manufacturing stream, Chwan said.

"We put two major things in writing," she said.

"One is nothing will see a landfill any place in the world. We're just cognizant everything has to be reused."

Another promise made to customers, Chwan said, is that all data on electronics they receive is erased or destroyed.

"We wipe the hard drive by Department of Defense standards or destroy it so nothing will get out," she said.

Along with offering Dublin residents a chance to recycle e-waste, Possitivity also helps out other Dublin residents.

"Our recycling facility is staffed by people with disabilities," Chwan said.

The company works with West Bridge Academy, Dublin high schools and other community vocational rehabilitation groups to find employees.

"Dublin City Schools bring students here to work for four days a week," Chwan said. "Many students learn work skills here."

Possitivity has been around for 37 years, but has been doing e-waste recycling for four.

Items for recycling accepted at the Dublin Service Center include AC adaptors, ink and toner cartridges, keyboards, laptops, coffee makers, microwaves, speakers, alarm clocks and power cords. The service center is open for e-waste recycling 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

CRT monitors and TVs cannot be recycled at the Dublin location, but can be taken to the Possitivity drop off location at 1773 Westbelt Drive and recycled for $15.