Dublin's oldest Boy Scout troop will celebrate a milestone Sunday, Feb. 10.

Dublin's oldest Boy Scout troop will celebrate a milestone Sunday, Feb. 10.

Boy Scout Troop 185 will gather past and present scouts, leaders and parents to celebrate the troop's 70th anniversary Feb. 10 at Dublin Community Church.

The troop has been celebrating anniversaries since it hit 50, Scoutmaster Chuck Johnson said.

"Every five years we have an anniversary party," he said.

Despite the anniversary celebrations each year, reach- ing former scouts is a challenge as people grow up and move.

"We make phone calls. It does get spread by word-of-mouth," he said.

The 70th anniversary celebration will include a program with scouts and leaders from the troop's past.

"We're planning to have three former scoutmasters speak and then a little bit of a program on what's currently going on in the troop and what we've been doing the past year," Johnson said. "Then we'll open it up to anyone that would want to speak about their experience."

One of the speakers planned for the celebration is a scout who joined the troop when it was founded in 1942, Johnson said.

"Jim (Richards) was a scout in the troop and scoutmaster from 1954 to 1956," he said. "He's very Troop 185 friendly. He likes to talk about Troop 185."

Johnson, himself, is a former scout of Troop 185 and will see one of his former scoutmasters speak at the event. After joining Troop 185 in 1966, Johnson earned his Eagle Scout status in 1970.

In 70 years, the troop has turned out 96 Eagle Scouts.

Johnson got involved with Troop 185 again when his son turned scouting age.

"We visited several troops in the area and he liked this troop," he said. "He knew this was the troop I was in."

At the 70th anniversary celebration, old camping gear, photos and scouting memorabilia will be on display.

As a former scout turned scoutmaster, Johnson said he's seen things change over the years.

"The Boy Scouts has changed similarly to everything else in the world," he said. "There's a lot more to do in scouts today than there was when I was in scouts. There's a lot more programming for boys, especially the older teens and young adults in scouting today."

At 70, Troop 185 is 57 scouts strong and has been busy in the past year, completing a two-day backpacking hike in Wayne National Forest and a six-day camping and canoe trip in the Northern Tier, near the Canadian border.

For more information on the troop look online at http://bsatroop185.blogspot.com.