Dublin Scioto High School is seeking to take audiences under the sea with the Feb. 15-17 production of The Little Mermaid Jr.

Dublin Scioto High School is seeking to take audiences under the sea with the Feb. 15-17 production of The Little Mermaid Jr.

The musical modeled after the Disney movie involves 76 students and has Dublin elementary school students playing some of the undersea creatures.

"It's very similar (to the movie)," Director Patricia Santanello said.

"There are one or two songs from the Broadway version," she said.

"It's the junior version so it's a little shorter for the little kids."

Scioto's show also borrows an element from the Broadway show -- getting characters to appear to swim rather than walk with the use of Heelys, a type of shoe that has a wheel in the heel that allows the wearer to glide as if wearing skates.

"The mermaids are on Heelys and Flounder and Ariel, so it looks like they're swimming," Santanello said.

For senior Preston Wilkin, who plays King Triton, getting used to Heelys has been a challenge.

"I wasn't good at first," he said. "I fell eight or nine times. I've taken out people."

Wilkin's skills have improved, though.

"Once you get it, it gets easier," he said. "Once you get good, you can go 20 feet or so."

The set that takes the audience under the sea stands out to junior Caleb Husted, who plays Scuttle the seagull.

"I think that sticks out the most," he said.

Technical director Rob Kuhn said putting the set together has been challenging. Sets include a lagoon and seaweed field.

"It's different from everything we make," he said of the undersea scenes. "We can't make walls and corners."

The crew also built a big pink rock for Sebastian to stand on towards the beginning of the musical. Sophomore Anthony Willoughby is excited for his musical number from the perch.

"I was very pleased to get this part," he said. "It's great being able to be funny. I get to sneak in humor."

Willoughby is looking forward to stealing the show during the beginning of the musical when he gets to chastise Ariel for not showing up to a concert and later sing Under the Sea.

"Those are my two favorite scenes," he said.

Prince Eric, played by junior Jared Bradley, agreed.

"My favorite song is She's in Love. It's a good, catchy song," he said. "I really like Under the Sea. There's so much energy. When I think of the The Little Mermaid it's the first song I think of."

Bradley is also looking forward to the finale when Ursula is defeated.

"It's supposed to be really big," he said. "Ursula is my favorite part. She's sassy and fun to watch."

The Little Mermaid Jr. will be staged at Scioto High School, 4000 Hard Road, at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 15 and 16 and 2 p.m. Feb. 16 and 17.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at showtix4u.com.