The second phase of the Dublin Road south multiuse path is rolling along.

The second phase of the Dublin Road south multiuse path is rolling along.

Dublin City Council members last week approved a deal to acquire 0.13 acres of permanent easement and 0.031 acres of temporary easement of land needed for the project from a resident for $10,100.

Senior Project Manager Sara Ott said land acquisition for the project that will run from Hertford Lane to Rings Road on the west side of Dublin Road is coming along and the project could be ready to be bid for construction within the next 60 days.

Council members last week also approved a resolution aimed at improving safety at the Dublin Recreation Center and city pools.

According to a staff report to council, the new policy "is intended to reduce the risk of harm to children by limiting the ability of sex offenders to be in contact with children who may be in vulnerable situations within the restricted pass areas of the Dublin Community Recreation Center and community pools."

The policy cannot guarantee prevention, but will use the required presentation of a valid photo ID to get into areas of the facilities to decrease the likelihood of an occurrence.

Matt Earman, director of recreation services, said that in 2008, the recreation center started requiring photo IDs to get in and the new policy will have photos searched for possible matches in the sex offender registry.

"The Dublin recreation center will work with the police to verify," he said, and if needed, police will remove the offender from the premises.

In the past few years, information from staff said, other communities have adopted similar legislation to prohibit sex offenders from accessing certain public places.

Last week, council also voted to allow Dublin to participate in the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corp. for Land Reutilization agreement.

City Finance Director Angel Mumma said the agreement is an extension of a 2008 contract that gives the city the first option to purchase land that is to be foreclosed on, although it is not required.

"We feel it's important to have in place should the need arise," Mumma said, noting that it us unlikely to be used often.