Dublin Villager

Support group formed for people who lost someone to suicide


An addition to the Dublin Counseling Center's lineup of support groups will focus on adults who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Survivors of Suicide will meet from 7 to 8:30 p.m. the first Thursday of each month in the Dublin Counseling Center, 299 Cramer Creek, with the first session set for March 7.

The group will "provide a safe place for families and loved ones of suicide victims to share their loss with others who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings," information from the counseling center said.

After starting a support group for people who have lost a loved one because of a tragedy, the counseling center found a need for a group such as Survivors of Suicide.

"We had started a grief support group last year, Weathering the Storm, for people who had lost someone due to tragedy," said Soley Hernandez, outreach programming supervisor for the Counseling Center.

"It didn't pick up the way we anticipated. It was a little too specific," Hernandez said.

"We do offer a support group for people who have lost children and in that group there are people who have lost a child to suicide.

" That's happening more and more, unfortunately," Hernandez said.

"There are two other groups that are similar -- one in Westerville and one in the campus area, but none in the northwest area. We wanted to provide another option for people."

The new support group will give people a chance to talk over complicated emotions, Hernandez said.

"It's an open group and they can come at any point, really," she said.

"It'll be loosely structured and is set up to be a support group.

"People can come and talk freely and share their experiences," Hernandez said.

"Suicide is complicated. It brings out a lot of emotions: guilt, people ask 'why me? Why did they do this?' It's a different kind of loss."

The new support group is free and people can join at any point, but registration is required.

"They don't need to be referred, but we do want people to call to preregister to make sure it's appropriate for them," Hernandez said.

"We don't want it to be too soon," she said. They need emotional readiness to be in the group."

To register for the Survivors of Suicide support group, call 614-889-5722.