Cody Weaver's senior year at Otterbein University has been anything but normal.

Cody Weaver's senior year at Otterbein University has been anything but normal.

The 2009 Coffman High School graduate has to balance classes, homework, work and friends with a growing business.

Last year Weaver started Beautiful Bottoms, a company that allows women to customize the bottoms of their high heels with colored or patterned vinyl adhesive.

Weaver then brought on 2009 Jerome High School graduate Mike Adolph to help.

The Otterbein seniors, who have been friends since meeting at Tartan Fields pool in fifth grade, work at Nordstrom selling women's shoes.

It was on the job that Weaver thought of customizing the bottom of high heels.

After selling a pair of $1,300 shoes, Weaver hated putting grey outsoles on the bottoms to deal with the slippery leather soles.

"I went to Jo-Ann's and bought all kinds of adhesives," he said.

After several tests, Weaver found success after contacting a company that makes signs for box trucks.

The adhesive vinyl used for Beautiful Bottoms can stand up to water, heat and cold and wears little, he said.

"It took six months to get it to where it is now," Weaver said.

Beautiful Bottoms come in four pieces -- two heels and two soles -- in pink, yellow, purple, leopard print and other offerings.

After applying the one-size fits all adhesive vinyl, it is trimmed to fit the exact size of the shoe.

Weaver's brainchild is sold online at and in Steve Madden stores around the country, an opportunity that came about from an internship.

"When it got to the point that they were sellable, I sent them to my boss, who was head of sales," Weaver said. "I asked her to be honest."

Feedback was good and got Beautiful Bottoms into Steve Madden stores.

Weaver is also working on expanding sales spots, with the help of Adolph, who came on to help with social media and marketing.

Within one week, Adolph got 4,000 followers on Instagram.

"I got involved and started talking to Cody," he said.

"I really started believing in it more and more."

The duo spent some time at a Las Vegas convention last month trying to expand national sales.

"We work so well together," Weaver said.

"We realize our differences," Adolph agreed.

The business majors think they have a future with Beautiful Bottoms.

"We both feel Beautiful Bottoms could be a career," Weaver said, adding his ultimate goal is to have his own footwear label.

Even though Weaver and Adolph have a job to go to after graduation, starting a company in college has been stressful and has taught them about priorities.

"Sometimes when I talk to my mom, I tell her I want one week like a normal guy," Weaver said, "but at the end of the day, even though I'm stressed I'm getting ahead.

"That's what I want in life: to be successful and work hard, be an outlier," he said.