Two Dublin staff members were "coined" last week.

Two Dublin staff members were "coined" last week.

While issuing a proclamation for a Dublin city staff member at the March 11 city council meeting, honors were given all around.

A proclamation was issued last week recognizing Dublin police officer Chuck Rudy for his work with the Air National Guard. Rudy, who has been employed by Dublin since 1997, recently retired from the guard with the rank of senior master sergeant.

"I thought I really knew Chuck well," Police Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg said. "I didn't realize his commitment to his country and community."

After hearing so many people speak on Rudy's character at the retirement ceremony, von Eckartsberg said he decided to give Rudy the honor.

"I thought it'd be fitting to have a proclamation to honor him," von Eckartsberg said of the officer who has spent more than 11 years overseas during four deployments.

Upon accepting the proclamation from the city, Rudy returned the favor as he honored Dublin.

"I wasn't expecting this," he said. "The whole idea was for me to come and give something to the city."

Rudy presented the city with the First Sgt. Diamond Award for helping military members who reside and work in the city.

"We only give these out when you genuinely, genuinely deserve it," he said, noting that he'd only given out three.

Eric Wallace, command chief of Rudy's unit, also was on hand and said after hearing horror stories about employers from guard members, it was nice to see a good employer.

"It's really nice when you have an employer like Chuck Rudy has in the city of Dublin," he said. "All I ever heard from Chuck is, 'My goodness, what a good place to work.' "

To further honor the city, Wallace "coined" City Manager Marsha Grigsby and von Eckartsberg for their support of Rudy and other military members.

"In the military, when someone does great things, we coin them," Wallace said.

In other city news, council members last week approved an ordinance that will combine the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission with the Community Services Advisory Commission.

The merged group, the Community Services Advisory Commission, will have all the responsibilities of both groups.

The groups were merged because there was often a lack of assignments for both commissions.

Parks and recreation staff member also were honored last week for three awards from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association.

Dublin received first place for historical and cultural programs for the opening celebration at Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park that included Polish cultural events.

A first-place award also went to Dublin in the category of community wellness programs for Healthy Dublin.

The city received a second-place award in youth and family programs for its Safety City Plus program.