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Destination Imagination

Competition enjoyed by young team from Bailey

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Bailey Elementary School’s first Destination Imagination team included (from left) row one-Aiden Adkins and Tessa Grady, and row two-Katie Wu, Foster Gill, Vibhav Kaluvala, Will McGraw, Elizabeth Gill and Charlie Johnson.

Destination Imagination has been at a few Dublin City Schools over the years and this year a team of Bailey Elementary School students joined the competition that targets creativity, problem solving and quick thinking.

Parent Wendy Gill decided to pilot a team at Bailey after hearing about it from her sister in Texas.

"It's very big at my sister's school," Gill said.

Destination Imagination is also very big at some Dublin Schools; the Bailey Brain Busters saw six teams from Indian Run Elementary School at a competition in Reynoldsburg.

The eight-member Bailey team has second-graders and one pre-K student that participated in the noncompetitive part of the league this year. The team's long-term challenge revolved around Roy G. Biv and putting together something with color for Biv's birthday.

"We started meeting in October and did a lot of team building and enrichment," Gill said. "In January we got the long-term challenge and have worked on it since then."

The challenge was put into an 8-minute skit created and performed by the Bailey Brain Busters.

"We just thought up parts and picked the ones that went together best," said Will McGraw of creating the skit.

"I liked practicing the Roy G. Biv play," Charlie Johnson agreed. "We got to be silly."

Foster Gill, the pre-K team member who played Roy G. Biv in the skit, got a colorful box put together by the rest of the team with birthday cake hidden in it during the performance.

"I liked hiding the cake and building the box and taking it apart," he said.

Students pieced together the box made with different colored cardboard that came together with Velcro without adult help.

"They made us sign a declaration of independence," Gill said, noting that if students had to sew for a challenge, the coach's job was to teach them to sew and have them do it themselves.

The team got to practice the skit in front of Latch Key students, but the first official show was at the Reynoldsburg contest March 16.

Tessa Grady said the competition was her favorite part of the season.

"I was nervous," she said. "I've been to one before, but it wasn't close to this."

The team also got to see how others chose to solve the same problem.

"I was surprised by the other teams," Lizzie Gill said.

In addition to the long-term challenge, the team also practiced instant challenges and was treated to one at the competition.

"It was medium hard, but not that hard," Vibhav Kaluvala said. "I got to be the time keeper. That was fun."

Aiden Adkins said she learned a lot during the season and fondly remembers an instant challenge the team did about the sea.

"We had a scene where a fisherman was thrown off a boat and sea creatures had to help him," she said.

Katie Wu enjoyed an instant challenge that involved building a tower.

"I like the one where Mrs. Gill gave us white paper to make a tower without (it) falling over," she said, adding that she came up with a solution to build the tower to about two feet high.

With the first year of Destination Imagination behind them, Gill said she hopes to bring the team back again and possibly expand it.

"I'm hoping next year Bailey produces three to four teams," she said.