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Davis celebrating 25 years with 25 days of activities

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Margaret Rabold (left) and Vicky Hart, parents of former Davis Middle School students, helped out at a staff What's for Lunch Wednesday event. The event is one of 25 to celebrate Davis Middle School's 25th anniversary this month.
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Davis Middle School is celebrating 25 years with 25 days of activities.

The Dublin middle school located at 2400 Sutter Parkway started the celebration for its 25th anniversary April 2 and will conclude festivities with art and performances from students and alumni from 5 to 8:30 p.m. April 25.

Art teacher Susan Huffman is helping gather art from current and former students to display at the April 25 anniversary celebration.

"Jason Howe and I are chairs of the pride committee (Principal) Brian Lidle put together to promote pride in the school," Huffman said.

"We thought about doing the 25th anniversary in conjunction with our art and music festival."

The anniversary celebration will include performances from the school's choir, fiddle fusion and jazz band, as well as a Davis alumni band and fiddle group.

"There will be so much entertainment visually and for the ears," Huffman said.

In art class, students are also working on a commemorative bench with photos of former students and staff, Huffman said.

"We're gathering 'Where are you now?' writings that will be up and around in the building," she said.

The sole focus of the 25th anniversary does not fall on April 25, though. A group of past, present and future parents of Davis Middle School students have been helping with 25 days of Davis.

Good Schools Committee member Deb Papesh said the group that reassembled for the previous levies is staying together to help with events around the district.

"We all bridge across the district and have become a very powerful piece, joining together to make everything great for our district," Papesh said.

"We're looking for other ways to make our spirit work in the community."

Papesh, whose children attended Davis, but are now in college, got a call from staff members to help.

Papesh, with the help of current PTO members and PTO members from elementary schools that feed into Davis, created themed days for the anniversary: Monday fundays that students and teachers dress up for, Tuesday trivia, what's for lunch Wednesdays, thankful Thursdays and future Fridays.

"Kids have been going into the principal's office to look at old yearbooks and looking online (for trivia Tuesdays)," Papesh said.

Wednesdays, parents, alumni and local businesses cater lunch for teachers. April 3 hosted a "souper star staff luncheon." Thursdays also provide special thanks for teachers with cookie-grams and other special treats.

Future Fridays allow parents of Davis Middle School feeder elementary schools to visit the school and meet teachers, Davis PTO President Steve Burigana said.

"We get the future of Davis involved," he said. "They can come in and get a headstart and meet teachers."

Noreen Marando, a Chapman PTO member, got involved in the Davis celebration and even asked her PTO for some funding for the future Friday event the school will have at Davis.

"It makes sense to create this bond," she said.

The anniversary committee has received a lot of help with donations, funding and time from past, present and future people involved in Davis.

"It benefits students. It benefits staff," Marando said. "The sense of community it fosters across the schools is great."

While the anniversary committee has been working to make the anniversary special for everyone, teachers kicked off the month in a way students won't soon forget.

April 2, students walked into school to find music playing and teachers dancing the Davis Shuffle in the hallways to welcome them back from spring break.

"They were led by (Principal) Brian Lidle and the assistant principals," Papesh said. "They did it to capture students' attention. We're all about fun."

The April 25 anniversary celebration is open to the public and will include an opening ceremony at 6 p.m. and performances at 7 p.m.

To assist with the celebration contact the anniversary committee at seburigana@ hotmail.com.