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From the superintendent's desk

District students' test scores among best in world


Our community has long known Dublin City School District students are some of the best in Ohio, and in the United States.

Recently, we also found out they stack up with students from anywhere in the world.

Dublin Jerome High School and Dublin Scioto High School outscored most other countries in the world on the Program for International Student Assessment according to the most recent comparison data available.

Last year, two of the district's three high schools were selected to be two of only 100 pilot test sites in the country for the PISA program.

Dublin Coffman was not selected, but with only 100 high schools in the country being chosen, our district and community should be honored to have two schools out of 100 in the entire nation selected.

PISA is an international benchmarking system designed to provide a way of comparing the performance of individual schools with their counterparts around the world.

The PISA-Based Test for Schools assesses the competencies and skills students will need for success in the global economy, including the ability to extrapolate from prior learning and creatively apply content knowledge in mathematics, reading, and science to solve problems in unfamiliar settings.

Dublin Jerome outscored more than 60 other countries in the world when our math scores were compared to data from around the world, and Scioto posted the 9th highest math scores in the world. The United States' schools average Math score was 487. Jerome's was 604, and Scioto's was 532. The PISA?scale is 250-700.

In reading, the comparison data indicated Jerome outscored more than 60 countries in the study, and Scioto outscored 57 countries.

The United States' schools in the program average reading score was 500. Jerome scored 599 and Scioto scored 534. And in science, Jerome again came out on top and Scioto finished 8th in the world.

The United States' schools in the program averaged a score of 502 in science, while Jerome scored 601 and Scioto scored 536.

We also have the top scores in Ohio among districts with large student enrollments.

With more than 14,600 students we are the 12th largest district in Ohio.

Because our district has been well planned and we have been able to maintain neighborhood schools, the size of district is not always apparent.

We continue to add diversity to our student population every year. According to the 2011-12 Ohio Local Report Card, 15 percent of our students are classified as economically disadvantaged.

Additionally, more than 1,200 of our students are English Language Learners who speak more than 60 languages.

Our teaching staff has risen to these challenges. According to recent data, Dublin City Schools students have the highest average ACT and SAT scores of any district in Ohio with an enrollment of more than 10,000 students. The district's average ACT score is 25 and its average SAT score is 1,148.

We are especially proud of these indicators of success and congratulate our entire school community in these efforts.

Dublin City School District Superintendent David Axner submitted the From the Superintendent's Desk column.