Dublin Villager

New superintendent

Hoadley already getting acquainted in Dublin


Todd Hoadley's contract with the Dublin City School District doesn't start until Aug. 1, but it hasn't stopped him from trying to get to know the district he will soon lead.

Hoadley, Olmsted Falls superintendent, will take over for current Dublin Superintendent David Axner next fall and has spent time meeting administration and teachers earlier this month.

Hoadley boasts 15 years of experience as a superintendent, but his interest in education came long before that.

The northwest Ohio native's father was a farmer and his mother was a teacher.

He said inspiration to go into education came from his mother and influential teachers he had as a student.

"The great thing about being a teacher is you get to shape youth," Hoadley said.

In fact, one teacher even influenced his decision about what subject to focus on.

"I had a very inspirational math teacher that inspired me to go into math education," Hoadley said.

After college he began teaching math in northwest Ohio and coached.

"I coached track, basketball and cross country," Hoadley said. "I started coaching college.

"There are so many great lessons that come out of extracurricular activities."

Hoadley then worked as a high school principal before becoming superintendent in Van Buren in 1998.

Leadership was always an interest for Hoadley.

"When I coached, I wanted to be a head coach," he said. "I like working with people and leading people is something I've always enjoyed doing.

"I like to help organizations work to a common goal."

Hoadley has been leading Olmsted Falls School District since 2004 and lives in the district. Work and life lie on the same plane for Hoadley.

"My life as a superintendent and my life as a husband and father are all intertwined," he said, noting he attends sporting events to see his children participate and support the district.

"My job as a superintendent is something my whole family does," he said.

"I'm there as a superintendent, but I have kids involved. When you have kids involved you get to know so many families."

Hoadley does have a few outside interests, though, such as church and Ohio State University football.

"The biggest thing last year was to score five tickets so I could take all four kids to a football game," he said. "I've taken them before, but not at the same time."

Hoadley's oldest daughter Erin is graduating from Olmsted Falls this year and plans to be a Buckeye in the fall. The rest of the family -- wife Angie, daughters Megan and Rachel and son Isaac -- will be in Dublin.

"I'm excited to be a new parent and have kids enrolled here," he said.

The professional opportunity also has Hoadley looking forward to Aug. 1.

"I'm very honored to be chosen (as superintendent)," Hoadley said. "It's such a fabulous school system.

"It's so exciting and humbling to be part of this."