Work will soon begin that will change the look of a few Dublin facilities.

Work will soon begin that will change the look of a few Dublin facilities.

Renovations, improvements and a few relocations are planned around city buildings that could lead to the demolition of the house on Post Road where the city events staff is currently housed.

Plans are to renovate a portion of the service center on Shier Rings Road to accommodate events staff and the geographic information systems unit, which is currently located in the basement of city hall.

"The relocations will occur within the current building footprint (of the service center) by converting a portion of the cafeteria into work space for the front line supervisors in Parks and Open Space, Facilities and Streets and Utilities," an April 18 memo to City Council stated.

"Once events administration is moved into the service center, the facility on Post Road will be demolished."

Councilwoman Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher at an April 22 meeting asked about the timing of the demolition of the events administration space at 5620 Post Road.

"They're moving into the service center in September or October," City Manager Marsha Grigsby said. "It will be soon after that."

Cathy Boring questioned why the building would have to be knocked down at all.

The cost to convert it from residential to commercial could be more costly than it's worth, Grigsby said, although the city is looking into it.

Other renovations are also planned for City Hall. Patio doors at the Post Road municipal building will be replaced because they all show signs of "extensive weather damage."

"Replacing most of the doors with windows will enhance building security and still allow for natural light to enter the lobby," the staff report to council said.

Once storm doors are replaced with windows this month, the next phase will begin in August after the Dublin Irish Festival.

The reception desk in the lobby of City Hall will be removed along with a partial wall near the back of the lobby. A smaller reception desk will be installed to the left of the entrance.

"An expanded seating area will be created near the entrance to council chambers, as well as work space where citizens can utilize computers to access city services," the staff report said.

On the first floor, a small kitchenette will be removed for the addition of a small conference room.

Kitchen space and an employee break room will be moved to the basement, where the geographic information systems unit was located.

Other matters

In other city news, council weighed in on the look on the new water tower on the city's northeast side near the Bogey Bar and Grill. The 500,000-gallon water tank off Dublin Road is complete and painting should be completed by June.

With the tank's close proximity to the Muirfield Golf Course, requests have been made to paint the tank to promote the Memorial Tournament and city. Painting the tank like a golf ball has also been suggested.

Although staff did find such graphics to be inappropriate for city infrastructure, they did propose a water tank with "City of Dublin" included on it along with a shamrock. Other water tanks in the city do not have the city name on them, only a shamrock.

Council members decided with the close proximity to Shawnee Hills and the residential character of the area, the current scheme used on other water towers would be most appropriate.