Coffman High School graduate Kenzie Schlemitz will spend part of her summer teaching through sports.

Coffman High School graduate Kenzie Schlemitz will spend part of her summer teaching through sports.

Schlemitz is one of two Ohio State University athletes chosen to represent the school in Vietnam this summer in the Coach for College program.

"It's through Duke University and new through OSU," the 2011 Dublin Coffman High School graduate said. "This is the very first year. All the athletes got an email. I jumped on it before a lot of others did."

As an OSU soccer player, Schlemitz qualified for the program that places college students in Vietnam to coach and teach middle school students.

According to the Coach for College website, the program was created in 2007 to "provide sports infrastructure to youth who attend middle schools in rural part of developing countries, and helps them develop excitement for and proficiency in science, leadership, language and life skills using sports as a mean to applied learning."

The college students are posted at camps with bilingual Vietnamese college students "to run interactive sports-learning camps, with an additional emphasis on how to access and benefit most form higher education in America and the host country, currently Vietnam," the site said.

Schlemitz, a middle childhood education major who is considering law school after graduation, will be in Vietnam for three weeks with one other OSU student to coach and tutor. It will be a new opportunity for her.

"I've never been out of the U.S.," Schlemitz said.

"It's going to be interesting," she said. "I've always wanted to do a mission trip so this will be fun."

Coach for College will have Schlemitz in Vietnam from June 26 to July 22 and part of her teaching experience will involve something in which she is very well versed.

"I've been playing (soccer) since I was about 4, but everyone plays when they're little," she said. "I've really been playing since eight or nine in club soccer."

Coach for College will also have Schlemitz teaching in the classroom with two bilingual college students and a local Vietnamese high school student.

"Each coach is part of another five-member coaching group to teach a particular academic subject to the youth through the prism of sports," the Coach for College website said. Lesson plans are created the first weekend of camp and student athletes will teach biology, physics, English, leadership, education and psychology.

Conference calls on what Schlemitz should expect are coming, but the OSU soccer player has done some research on her own.

"I've only researched Vietnam and some of the cities a little," she said. "On the weekends we'll go into the cities. It's actually really gorgeous."

Helping others appealed to Schlemitz and got her involved; seeing a new country will be a bonus.

"I'm excited to see what it looks like and not seeing what I see every day," she said.