Jinseok Yang will be at Yale next year, but he's leaving his options open for his future.

Jinseok Yang will be at Yale next year, but he's leaving his options open for his future.

The Jerome High School senior is a National Merit Scholar Finalist and won a $2,500 scholarship from the program that will help him study chemistry or physics next year.

The National Merit Scholarship Corp. picks semifinalists for its scholarship competition from the top scorers on the PSAT.

Yang was one of 2,500 chosen from a pool of 15,000 students nationwide to receive a scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corp.

The winners exhibit "the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills and potential for success in rigorous college studies," information from the corporation said.

Dublin produced several National Merit Semifinalists, but only about half went on to be named finalists. Yang was a little surprised by the award.

"Our school had a lot of finalists," he said. "I was uncertain."

During high school, Yang has been part of orchestra, a quartet, track, Model UN and math and science teams.

"I'm most proud of doing well in math and science tournaments and making all-state orchestra," he said.

Another point of pride for Yang lies in being part of a six-week science program in New Mexico last summer.

"It was a research program. We tracked an asteroid and used a telescope," he said.

At the camp, students also researched the asteroid and wrote a computer program to track it.

With a major interest in science, Yang also does some research at Ohio State University.

"It's a chemistry-based thing: nuclear magnetic resonance," he said.

Yang is also taking classes at OSU, but still finds time for other interests.

"I'm a big soccer fan, a really, really big soccer fan," he said. "I like watching games and following stuff. I also write for a blog."