Saturday, June 8, 1,087 seniors will say goodbye to Dublin City Schools.

Saturday, June 8, 1,087 seniors will say goodbye to Dublin City Schools.

Graduation for district students will be held in the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State University campus with Dublin Jerome High School students graduating at 10 a.m., Dublin Scioto High School following at 1 p.m. and Dublin Coffman High School wrapping up the day at 4 p.m.

Dublin Coffman

The class of 2013 is the first class Coffman Principal Mike Ulring has spent all four years with. He said they will be missed.

"If you look at their SAT/ACT test scores and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate honors, I am pretty sure this is one (of) the most accomplished graduating classes from Coffman," Ulring said.

The seniors are also special to Ulring because of the leadership they've exhibited.

"I am also certain this group of seniors stands out in their leadership capacity," he said.

"They have set a standard of excellence in and out of the classroom as well as a standard of acceptance and teamwork," Ulring said.

"The climate and culture they have been able to create in a large high school environment is truly outstanding and I will miss their leadership when they leave."

Coffman will award diplomas to 488 students June 8 and 85 will be honored as valedictorians for achieving a grade-point average of 4.1 and above.

At graduation, 186 Coffman students will receive honors diplomas and seven will get International Baccalaureate honors diplomas.

The class has a 3.6 median GPA and 80 percent have taken at least one AP or IB class.

In the Coffman class of 2013, 245 students earned 673 scholarships.

After graduation, 78 percent plan to attend a four-year college, 12 percent will go to a two-year college and 1 percent will go to a technical or vocational school.

One percent of 2013 Coffman graduates will go into the military and 3 percent plan to work. About 5 percent of Coffman 2013 graduates are undecided.

Dublin Jerome

Jerome will graduate 312 students, including 72 valedictorians with a GPA above 4.1.

Principal Cathy Sankey said the class has several academic achievements.

"We believe this is the most academically solid class to ever graduate from Dublin Jerome, which certainly is outstanding given the number of outstanding classes we've had graduate," Sankey said.

"One example is the number of National Merit winners. We had 18 National Merit Semifinalists and 17 National Merit Finalists."

While the class has also succeeded athletically by bringing several state championships to Jerome, Sankey said they've also proved to be caring.

A severe head injury suffered by classmate Mark Burkholder as a sophomore prompted students to raise money and help Burkholder over the past few years.

"Their dedication to Mark is what truly sets them apart," Sankey said.

"Certainly we want students to achieve academically, but more importantly we want them to learn to be good people with caring spirits and this class exemplifies that."

Jerome High School will hand out 159 honors diplomas and 10 IB honors diplomas.

The class will graduate with a 3.7 median GPA and 89 percent took at least one AP or IB course.

In the Jerome class of 2013, 86 students reported receiving 286 scholarships.

About 90 percent of the class reported they will attend a four-year college after graduation, with 4.7 percent planning to go to a two-year college. Less than 1 percent plans to attend a technical or vocational school and work.

A little over 1 percent of the class plans to join the military and 2.9 percent are undecided.

Dublin Scioto

Scioto High School will graduate 287 seniors Saturday, including 44 as valedictorians.

The class of 2013 has proved to be active, Principal Donis Toler said.

"This class is high achieving," a statement from Toler said. "They're very involved in school activities that support the clubs and support events for the school.

"They have taken an active roll in community service."

Students in the class earned 87 honors diplomas and 30 IB honors diplomas.

The class will graduate with a median GPA of 3.6 and 82 percent reported taking at least one AP and IB course.

In the graduating class, 95 students received 186 scholarships.

After school, 65 percent of Scioto seniors plan to attend a four-year college, 24 percent will go to a two-year college and 2 percent will take classes at a technical or vocational program.

One percent of the Scioto class of 2013 will go into the military and 5 percent plan to work. Three percent of Scioto seniors listed undecided as post-high school plans.